Why am I anxious about my first blog postings - I'm not sure. I've been thinking to myself -- I don't want to do it wrong or....I don't want to look dumb. But you know what - this is for me (& for you too) so if I don't enjoy it -- how could you? I'm sure I'll be finding my way as I go. I'm jumping off the cliff & saying..... 'wheeee!!!'

The jump is worth it if I get to enjoy pictures like:

Country Living

Doesn't that make you want to go out & plant a gigantic garden? Think about the sun warming your skin, think about eating the FRESH results of your labors, think about the weeds, the mud, the required waterings EVERY day. So maybe not a garden quite this large. But it is inspiring, isn't it? maybe next year (on a much smaller scale of course!) But isn't it encouraging?

As we fade out of summer & enter into the cozy sweetness of autumn - our minds tend to lead us toward back to school activities & prepping our homes & yards for fall while still enjoying the lushness of summers end. I know I'm savoring the green grass & still blooming pots of flowers but I'm also turning toward the beginnings of the color change in the leaves around us....don't you just love the reds, oranges & yellows mixed in with the vibrant greens??

I'm trying not to long for/look back to the summer days of watching the kids run through sprinker & eating popsicles & learning to ride a bike (without training wheels - whoohoo!) & enjoy the present moments. The today...the now! It's sometimes hard to do....to try not to look too far forward & to try to not look too far back & enjoy the present!

What tricks do you have to savor today?

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