Apron Strings

When I think of aprons – it usually makes me think of spring cleaning….however as we’re leading into autumn – I’m finding myself more & more home-centric. I’ve certainly been in a nesting mood -- so cleaning & rearranging & editing is in the air.

So that makes the pockets of an apron very handy for picking up found barrettes, lego pieces,etc., etc. (does that sound familiar to anyone?)

I’ve been finding myself drawn more & more to aprons. Not only for their functionality but also the true beauty. Many vintage (real vintage or inspired) aprons {which I adore} seem to be cottagey and shabby chic inspired. There is a softness & tradition that I adore.




Usually I’m more attracted to the half apron – but I’m digging this full apron from Martha Stewart – I think it is the red striped material that is getting me:

Look – even this pumpkin mama has an apron on – how stylish!

Isn’t this one above just darling? When I learn how to sew I’m SOO gonna make one – directions from better homes gardens site.

Check out Pink & Polka Dot blog – she has a super cute post about how to convert an unused skirt into an apron…I think I could do that – perhaps, maybe!!

Chat soon girlies -

Northern Cottage


  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog this morning and for the sweet comment. I hope to see you around again. Have a wonderful day.

  2. Hello! My name is Stacey and I happened upon your sweet blog this morning. =) I like aprons too...especially the half aprons. Have a great day!

  3. I love aprons! So many people are making such really cute ones now. I just always forget to wear mine!


  4. A girl friend gave me an apron from Anthropologie a few weeks ago. I love it...looks so vintage and a lot like the photos you posted. Enjoyed my visit. See you soon!


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