Get Your CRAFT On!

Did someone say CRAFT.....oh yeah....

TCB (Today's Creative Blog) is bringing us together for a craft bonanza. Isn't she just the best? If you haven't - you gotta follow here/add to google reader etc. She shares GREAT ideas & feeds the addiction to new blogs!

Many of us have our juices flowing more with the change of season. Examples -- I've been rearranging all over the house, taking tree branches from outside into my living room (which when you write it down sounds a bit odd!), organizing my craft area & starting to produce things like this:

This is our FUN BUCKET.

It started off as an ugly holiday tin with teddy bears ice skating - uh yeah - enough said). Sorry I didn't take a before picture (but maybe that's a good thing - I've saved y'all from the bears!)

So I used the trusty ol' spray paint to first to get rid of those bears & then started added scraps (paper, letters, ribbon, etc.)

Inside we keep *fake tatoos for the kids, *markers & little notebooks, *secret messages to each other & *little trinkets I find here & there (at the dollar store or target bins or garage sales) that I think the kiddos will like & that will surprise them.

Some additional CRAFTY items I've been working on are teacher gifts - like this clipboard:

I also made a metal magnet board for my son's teacher to go along with the clipboard - just spray painted a metal tray (from goodwill) with chalkboard paint & am now making coordinating magnets.

Chat soon -
Northern Cottage

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