Heavy metal

Ok - so is everyone as in love with old vintage metal items as much as me? I've slowly been surrounding myself with metal bins, buckets, wire baskets, metal topped jars, metal shelves...pretty soon it's gonna look like a scrapyard 'round here.

Here are some examples of the heavy metal that lightens me --

These old vintage fans just seem so much coooler (teehee) than the new plastic ones - don't they? Think about how many hot days this baby has been providing relief!

This just seems like such a warm autumn-y display - but look at the white metal stand.....you'd probably think it is a summer display item but when it's draped with leaves & mini-pumpkins. Yum. And check out that shelf in the background - just stacked on top of a different dresser with some pops of pumpkin color!

Now this metal below is more calming to me....I would DIE to have those stools. Look at how huge that cloche is. I think the white walls are such a soothing backdrop to the metal based table, the huge floor lamp, that cabinet.....and see the pops of color again (this time green)?

Apparently I AM a country girl at heart. This metal roof is callin my name & the barn doors - oh my! It's not perfect & new & I think that is what draws me. I'm not perfect or new either & yet some people say they like me!

Chat soon -

Northern Cottage Girl

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