Home - Comfy Style

I thought I would share with you what style I'm most attracted to....so you can get to know me a bit....

I would describe myself as fan of cottagey (is that actually a word?), cozy, comfy, junky mixed with a bit of industrial metal, vintage, cabin in the woods type girl!!

I'm VERY drawn to nantucket style but I don't have much of it in my home.

I live in a home that seems more cabin, rustic in appearance so fluffy ruffles don't seem to fit. I do, though, find myself introducing a bit of those elements here & there.

I was inspired today by Home....be inspired to take a quiz on sproost.

  1. I came out matching Nantucket - YES - check
  2. as well as farmhouse - YES - check, check
  3. and traditional country - YES - check

Certainly - very few of the modern/clean edged images appealed to me. But rather - I can envision curling up in these rooms:

images = country home, sproost, sproost. country living

And these images are snippets from around the our house:


  1. Hey girl!! yeah you started your blog!! for some reason I cant' see the photos of your house that you added...so I can only comment on the ones from the magazines, and I love the 1st and 4th ones...so much detail, just amazing!
    Keep blogging sweetie you will do great! :)

  2. ok I can see the photos now!!! So whatever you did must have worked! :) love the junk cards and the cloche with the little bird in it! so sweet~ :)


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