Office Redo

I was starting to feel claustrophobic. I had things all around me & no place to write – so I HAD to re-arrange the office.

I work from home right here at my desk for 7 hours a day & then afterwards I’m lurking blogdom & adding to my little ol’ blog.

SO – needless to say - I spend a little bit of time here…

So here is my office BEFORE: 001 cluttered, tight, full --


Until I took pictures I had no idea how cluttered & distracting the space had become….


Across from my desk – I housed a set of bookshelves for display where I’ve put LOTS of items (my husband affectionately calls it junk (gasp) -- which we all know is no longer a BAD word!)

These are all individual items that I enjoy/treasure/appreciate -- vintage items, license plates, finials, family photos, treasured old family items (my great grandmother’s stove top iron, blue glass ball jars that were my grandfather’s, chalkboard that my grandpa used in grade school (around 1915 or so!)… some really cool stuff but it was getting too full so I wasn’t enjoying the separate items anymore.


Here is the after – after a bit of clearing/editing/rearranging:


I placed a skirt under the table to hide all the cords & router and junk


I placed a tension curtain rod stretched across the legs of the table/desk & folded red toile fabric I had laying around over the rod & used a safety pin at the top to keep it in place. It looks like a cute gathered skirt – with NO SEWING. The bottom isn’t even hemmed – just tucked under. I was ALL about speed with this one. The only one who is going to be under there anyway will be my puppy who rests on my feet while I’m working – snoring away!



Yeah – love the cover-up job -- don’t need to be seeing that stuff all the time!



I separated the bookshelves (I’ll use the other one in another room) & replaced with some of the items & like to look at everyday as well as baskets etc that hold the everyday necessities (office supplies, extra pens, tissues, etc.)

011 019

My mason jars that I lurrve – that color so beckons me.


The frame is actually a screen window with some garden fencing & clothespins to hold mementos, etc. I picked it up recently at a local antique/junk shop. I’m feeling more settled with my final results & I have room to write whoohoo --- what do you think?

Chat soon girlies -

Northern Cottage


  1. Looks great! I love the little screen and your book shelf looks great...I can relate to having a lot of treasures...not junk! gasp!

  2. Hey! Thanks for stopping by. I'm not sure I understood your question about comment invitation?? I see here that you've got a personalized message already on your Comment box, so if you want to ask another question, just email me. Hope you'll come back to visit again.

  3. Your office re-do turned out really nice...I heart that screen with the garden fencing...soooo cute! Come by for a visit and look around...I'm a "newbie" too!


  4. Love your office area. I too added a skirt to our computer table in the family room, to hide the wires, modem, CPU etc. etc. I also collect and love Mason jars, especially the blue ones.

  5. Indeed, those jars are just great decorative pieces! You created a simple but well-arranged work area!


I {ADORE} your comments and read! ♥