Shelving in Unusual Places

Good morning Girlies!
Funky Junk Interiors is showing us all how she uses shelving in a pretty but functional way.

I, too, seems to grab shelves at garage sales or GW or anywhere as I know I'll find a use somewhere.

Shelves help me stay organized. Some places I use them --
  • I put them inside closets as extra storage
  • I have them in the garage to hold all the car cleaning stuff and another one in there to hold all my paint cans (spray & regular) along with the brushes & can openers & sand paper, everything I need is RIGHT there then.

As you can see in the picture below - I have a REALLY tiny laundry room so there is NO ROOM for a shelf on the floor so I had to get creative. I took an OLD shelf & tried to pretty it up by using a tension rod & put a pretty black & cream toile curtain over the front -- it now hold boxes of buttons, sewing items, extra dryer sheets, etc.

Plus there is an added bonus....I had a HUGE ugly silver tube (the venting for the drying that went all the way up to the ceiling) so it hides that.

In front of the shelf - I have a tray that is a very pretty aged aqua-blue color & it holds all the laundry junk that I want to have easy access too (an white & red enamel cake pan hold the laundry soup & bleach), a cream colored glass covered loaf pan holds my dryer sheets, the red thing I found at a sale this weekend (I think it was a shoe shiner holder as it has treads on top) is the perfect fit for the spray stain remover, bleach pen, etc.

I also do not have an actual hutch - though I'm on the look out (would LOVE to have one for display space!) so in the meantime -- I've taken a $2 dollar shelf (from an auction) as the base & added a creamy white shelf. I have buckets on top that I've added some chalkboard paint labels to so I can put messages in for people to see as they walk in the front door. Right now - I have Enjoy -- THE -- Journey (I think I saw that on Barn House Boys quite a while ago & copied - so cute!) On this shelf I have creamy dishes, soup tureens, flashcards, etc.

I'm in the process of rearranging some other shelves throughout the house so I'll show you that when I'm done.

Here are some other inspiring images from Country Living:

Chat soon -

Northern Cottage

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