How do we decide WHAT to display & HOW to display?
Sometimes it all just comes together…Sometime not so much.
Sometimes you have an idea & it works on the first try…sometimes you try & it just doesn’t work – so maybe you add something or take away or just start over.
Here are a couple snaps from around the house:
a room, garage, utility, stools 024a room, garage, utility, stools 023 a room, garage, utility, stools 025 a room, garage, utility, stools 026 a room, garage, utility, stools 027 a room, garage, utility, stools 031fall, porch, thrift finds 013DSC01844 DSC01862 DSC01871
I’ve been loving the color combo of soft aqua & red together lately. So I amassed some of my aqua colored mason jars together in a metal basket & looped jute ribbon throughout to soften the edges a bit & bring in a bit of red to this area. I’ve been enjoying it every time I walk by…
Some of my enamelware collection & vintage kitchen items that I just put up above my cabinets (not sure how long I’ll keep them up there – but it’s been fun playing!)
Notice there are also the hints of red on the pots up there & aqua in on the vintage kitchen gadgets & on that aqua basket.
a room, garage, utility, stools 074
a room, garage, utility, stools 075

{my version holds an array of
mini pumpkins, apples & vintage buttons} :
a room, garage, utility, stools 072
Some vignettes from earlier in the summer:
040 015
soda crate that I’ve added a variety of jars & canisters to – tied them all together with the same green polka dot ribbon…in the summer these held bunches of lovely daisy blooms
Here are some other lovelies to admire from bhg:

Chat soon -

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  1. I love all of yours! Fabulous!

  2. I love your style and you have gorgeous stuff!

  3. Great vignettes and great style! I spotted your lace creamware pedestal plate right away, I used lace creamware in my vignette post too. I collect aqua mason jars too, and I really admire how you added the metal element and layering with the metal basket and trim.

  4. Everything looks so pretty! I really love te trays and metal peices you put behind things. I makes them look more special.

  5. Ohhhh cool. I LOVE the 'happy quirks' in your decorating. By that I mean, the slightly unusual that makes you smile.

    Ice blue canning jars, rustic jute ribbon, fresh white elements, vintage cookware, old signs, beautiful white hutch, metal accents, it's all so interesting to look at and takes awhile to really grasp in a glance.

    LOVE it!

    Thanks for linking up to the party!

    Funky Junk Donna

  6. Wow, so much prettiness. And your photography is absolutely killer.
    Great stuff!

  7. Love all your vignettes. Everything is totally my style. I have my own version of the pottery barn metal 3 tier thingy, except for my 3 tier thingy is glass. But I did the candy thing on the bottom layer.

  8. So thrilled to have found your blog. Lovely post with lots of eye-candy!
    Thanks! Deborah

  9. Great displays...I'm loving the aqua and red combo too. Think I might do lots of it at Christmas this year.
    Thanks for sharing the awesomenesss :o)

  10. Really lovely photos! Your home is beautiful!! I find that sometimes you wind up with happy accidents...where you just temporarily put something down and it winds up looking really good where you just happened to put it...love when that happens!

    :) T

  11. I just gave you an award! You can check it out HERE! .
    pk @ room remix

  12. Love all your vignettes! Very stunning. Your home is beautiful.

  13. WHAT A BEAUTIFUL POST! You have some gorgeous treasures!
    Thanks so much for visiting to enter the giveaway and read my ramblings!!
    Please let me know if you post a link or follow the blog so I can pop another entry in for either or both!!
    your comment made me smile x
    Annie x

  14. Your blog is simply amazing! I found your link through A Soft Place to Land last week and have been addicted to your site ever since. Hard to believe that so many different and absolutely wonderful blogs link up in one place every week.

    I have so much to learn. :)


  15. FAB ideas! You've been a busy girl. Hope you feel better soon. I'm holding my breath as I type & will wash my hands afterward. *wink*


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