Fireman’s ROAST BEEF

One of my family’s cherished recipes….I’ll share with you.

WARNING -- This is one of the VERY BEST recipes & you’ll want to make it only this way from now on!

History -- My grandfather was a fireman in a major mid-western city during the Depression.  He was an amazing cook & all around great guy.  I loved my grandpa.  Whenever I eat this wonderful meal I think of him!!

Not only is this dinner delicious but sooooooo very easy. 

You start off with a dutch oven pana room, garage, utility, stools 036

a room, garage, utility, stools 040

Place a approx 3 lb chuck roast in the pan

Place it is a 500 degree over – {yes I said 500 degree!} 

No lid, no water  - nothing at this time – just pop it in the preheated over (the pan, the roast that’s it)…for a 1/2 hour

this will sear in all the juices & make it moist & tender

a room, garage, utility, stools 041

   a room, garage, utility, stools 035   

a room, garage, utility, stools 044



take it out – add a cup of water and any veggies (carrots, onion, potatoes if you wish)

cover the pan with the lid

a room, garage, utility, stools 045

a room, garage, utility, stools 046

and return it to a 250 degree over {yes I said 250 degrees now!}

You can have it cook ALL DAY LONG!!

{This is why my grandpa cooked it this way at the firehouse – they could have it going & if they got called out for a fire – it would still be cooking away fine when they got back}

Maybe some mashed potatoes (oh yeah!) & maybe squash on the side

a room, garage, utility, stools 054



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  1. YUM!!!! I'll be trying this. Thanks for sharing it :o)

  2. Looks wonderful! Thanks for posting.

  3. Wow! I'm definitely going to have to try this!!! Thank you for posting!

  4. Yum! I just got up and even now it sounds good! Thanks for your nice note on our burlap post. Come and visit us again! xo

  5. I wrote it down - sounds incredible. But how long is "all day long"? 8 hours?


  6. Simple...easy...and down right delicious!!!

    :) T

  7. To reply to zuzu -- how long is all day long?? Whatever you need it to be -- isn't that great? This time - I put it in at around 9 when I took a quick break from work & we ate around 6 pm. But because it is cookin so slowly - it's flexible! You can even do the roast frozen to start!! Enjoy - enjoy!!

  8. I'm cooking it RIGHT NOW!!! Just pulled it out of the 500 degree oven and I'm off to cut up some veggies and then put it back in for the day. Can't wait.



  9. A little update. This was, hands down, the best roast beef I've ever made. Easy to make, filled the house with scrumptious smells, and most importantly, we could cut the meat with a fork. Tender! I added a sweet onion, potatoes & carrots and cooked it for about 7 hours. We will definitely be fixing your grandfather's Fireman's Roast Beef again... and again.

    Thank you so much!!!


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