Magazine Addiction

Yes – it is a bit of an addiction.

I go out to the mailbox everyday & HOPE there is a new magazine…..if not, I walk away a bit sad but if there is….

oh….the true delight!! Seriously – my heart skips a beat when I open the box & a new magazine is there waiting for me – pitter patter!!

I currently subscribe to:

  • bhg (code name for better homes & gardens),
  • country living,
  • southern living, &
  • coastal living (which was the auto replacement for me when cottage living went defunct):

I adore the process of leafing through the magazine – the turning of the pages. In fact, I think I’m becoming a bit of magazine hoarder!!

It used to be that I would do tear sheets of my favorite ideas or projects or recipes from my mags:

so I have all of these clippings to peruse through & be inspired from!

With the elimination of some of my favorites like Country Home & Cottage Living (so sad they are gone!) – I’ve been concerned that there wouldn’t be the chance to look through the pages of magazines {& I wouldn’t be able to feed my addiction!} so I’ve started to keep the whole magazine & I can refer to the entire piece & perhaps be newly inspired as my style or project list expands/adjusts:

Of course – we’re all awaiting Flea Market Style & the fix we’ll get from that!!

What magazines do you guys get? Are there mags out there that you love & you think I should add to my list?

Room Remix is having a magazine giveaway…..yes – she is showing her love for us by feeding the addiction!!

Some other giveaways to check out:

Rose Petals & Rust Primitives is giving away this amazing scale!!


Centsational Girl is having a FABULOUS FAUCET giveaway – run there now!! I’m wasn’t sure if I wanted to tell you about this one or not (if too many people see it – maybe it will lessen my chances to win – but I have to share the love for my girls!!) Showing my true love for you guys!

Have a great rest of the weekend!!

Chat soon -



  1. You are not alone in this addiction. My name is Melissa and I've been a magazine addict for about 10 years...hehe.

  2. I agree, I'm a bit addicted to a few magazines too. And wasn't it a sad day when ME's Home Companion stopped publication? I'm so glad I saved all my past issues.

  3. Nice to meet another magazine maven. I used to separate torn out pages by rooms, recipes, how to solutions. Lately it's just a big pile so it's always a surprise when looking back. There are still those issues I just can't bear to tear up or part with no matter how old

  4. Came by way of Kimba-in search of recipe! I am addicted to my BHG and Country Living! I can't throw them away!!! I finally had to get rid of some Counrty Living-(I had kept every one) so now I keep Thanksgiving and Christmas...and Halloween and...stop!

  5. I completely understand. I also subscribe to BH&G, Southern Living, Country Living and Coastal Living. Not overly pleased with Coastal Living, not a real replacement for Cottage Living.

    You might enjoy Midwest Living.


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