Organizing the entryway – {prepping for cold weather!}

Boy – this cool weather really sneaked up on me!! A few days ago, we were wearing shorts & t-shirts & now we MUST send mittens to school with the kiddos so they can play outside without frostbite!

It will be in the 40’s in the morning & the temps will rise & it will be t-shirt weather in the afternoon. Just crazy!

So preparing the nest for these ‘crisp’ days:

EQUIPMENT NECESSITIES to prepare for chilly temps:

No. 1 – Floors to catch drips & dirt:

pottery barn

No. 2 – Shoe/Boot storage


No. 3 - Hooks to hang snowpants & jackets



remember this ski coat tree one from country home?

No. 4 - Storage for scarves, mittens & hats

While I’d love to have a full mudroom like maybe this someday:

For now I’m content with little shelf by the backdoor that houses locker baskets (where we will store mittens & hats). Keys & other miscellaneous out the door items are stored here as well.

A cozy little cottage sign I made this last weekend to welcome my lovies as they come in the backdoor…..aqua background (oh my - very similar to the background of this blog!) and red ticking stripe. Yummy & cozy.

Check out those new aqua boots just waiting for a rainy day!


Though I’m not REALLY looking forward to wearing mittens - I’m in a bit of denial – I do think the cozy mittens & boots, etc. are so pleasing to decorate with.

country living

No. 5 – A bench to take a seat to remove said boots

pottery barn


Ok girlies – Enjoy your week – cozy up those nests of yours!

Tell us how you’re making your nest cozy & preparing for the seasons storage needs!!

Chat soon -

Northern Cottage


  1. Loving the cooling weather. Your little knook is perfect. Love the old baskets and the rain boots, I just got my son some yellow ones! :)

  2. hahaha oh my gosh!!! too funny!! great minds!! ;) I love the pics you used & your sign!! What I wouldn't give for an area like you have!!!


  3. Oh I like the locker baskets. Air circulation. Is it just me or do gloves and hats really reek by the end of the season?

    We use the front door OR the laundry room. I prefer them to come in the laundry room, but they rarely actually listen. LOL


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