Stool Re-do

We use our kitchen ISLAND all the time!!

So, of course, we needed stools. When we first moved in, we used stools that we had from our old house that were quite high – it worked ok when the kids were little as it brought them up higher (less food spillage which is a good thing)…

…but adults could not possibly sit at the counter as the stools we had did not allow for adult kneecaps to enter the space under the counter.

So we had to come up with an alternative……

I was on the hunt…prowling the furniture stores, all the department stores, etc…..seeing some stools I liked alright (notice nothing I found that I loved!) for $50 - $150 each (cough!)


Then -- I found these plain ol’ stools at a garage sale this summer for $3 a pop & I thought I could make them work. They actually worked fine for a while – they blended in with the beadboard of the island front fine – but that was the problem –

-- they blended.

I wanted them to pop.

Here is the final product -- This is how they turned out & the kids adore them!

a room, garage, utility, stools 071

Here is how I made the ‘transformation’:


Of course – started off with spray paint – my buddy, my pal. I started off by sanding & then painted an undercoat of yummy seafoam blue (It’s a pretty aqua-ish blue). I figure if - when – they get ‘distressed’ – the pretty blue will pop through – score!


And then sprayed black satin over the top:


After doing a few stools – my thumb started to go numb & thought it might fall off so I grabbed the handy paint gun adapter (love it!)! 060

Notice that I painted right on the grass (it’s dying for the season anyway!) so it was an efficient move not to have to pull out cardboard or drop cloth, etc. The only disadvantage was that I had grass removal to take care of – ha! Not just bits blowing in the wind – entire chunks of grass so that was fun!


ok -- Spiffy black stools back inside:

080 Now on to adding some detail:

a room, garage, utility, stools 010

I took house numbers from the home improvement store (I thought I was being so smart & I’d be able to just paint the numbers & stick them on but alas the numbers were within the black square background – not cut around the numbers so that initial idea didn’t work. Plan B - I cut them out myself with my handy dandy exacto knife. (So if re-doing I’d probably just print a font on the pc/paper & trace that!)

a room, garage, utility, stools 013

Traced the numbers onto the stools:a room, garage, utility, stools 014 a room, garage, utility, stools 017 a room, garage, utility, stools 012

Filled that in with paint & covered with a sealer:

a room, garage, utility, stools 069 a room, garage, utility, stools 070Whew! Done – Yeah!

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  1. I have GOT to get my hands on one of those spray paint nozzles! I love the number details, great work.

  2. They look great, I love the numbers. I have one of those spray paint handles, they are awesome.

  3. Fabulous!!! I love the addition of the numbers.

  4. I love them! I want one of those spray nozzles too. I am about to paint my coffee table and I NEED it. ;-)

  5. I love this idea. I need some barstools and can't seem to find the right ones. I just found your blog. I love it! I want to follow and I'm looking for some followers on mine. Oh my goodness do I get the magazines subscriptions to. I'm wanting to get started on projects again but with a two yr. it has been a little bit difficult. But you've inspired me. Keep up the good work.

  6. I need barstools and now I want to copy you exactly! Thank you for this post.

  7. I have these same stools in black - two of them. Now I am thinking of monograming them for my two kids. Then they won't fight over who sits where. Great idea!

  8. Great job - love the numbers.

    Spray paint is my favorite "tool" - there's nothing you can't do with it.


  9. Hey - thanks for stopping by! Great minds DO think alike I guess :) Yours came out adorable!

  10. Oh yes, I love a numbered bar stool!! Great job!

  11. You are probably just waiting for those stools to get banged up a bit so the blue peeks through! They turned out great and look nice there!

  12. These look not-at-all-frugal-fantastic! Nice step starting w/ the blue so it will show through w/ all the lumps and bumps they will take (what we like to call "character" at our house) - and the numbers - well they're just plain classy!

    First time visiting, and I'm now officially following along.


  13. oh i am loving those stools! i need to find me some and copy! and that "nest" banner! wonderful! thanks for stopping by and leaving a sweet comment! i hope you visit again soon! i have more birthday fun planned!

  14. Super cute! I love how you did the numbers, very nice.

  15. I am sure sorry I sold my kitchen stools after seeing how cute yours look now.

  16. Precioso, te quedó tan diferente y especial te felicito!!!con cariño Chany.-

  17. Cute project, love the black and they would look great distressed! Glad you found something that worked.

  18. I love putting numbers on things! I'm currently redoing my staircase, and I'm going to be putting house numbers all the way up.
    I love your stools!

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