There’s a NEST on my FIREPLACE?

This weekend I made my first banner (first of many I’m sure!)

Check it out -- I made it with COFFEE FILTERS for the ruffles!!

So I get it hung up on my fireplace with care & hubby comes home and asks what a nest has to do with a fireplace – ummmm – yeah……

So I had to get down to basics with him -- explaining the nest was not about the fireplace. He’s an accountant (not a pocket protector accountant – a cool accountant – ha – just had to clarify!) so I thought I’d so some math for him --

{Nest = home}
{Nest + decorating + crafts + cleaning + cooking}

Love for family -- that includes you dude!

So now he gets it (or so he says anyway! I’ll have future quizzes for him to see if he was really paying attention!)

ok so I made this banner out of all leftover scraps:

A piece of 12 x12 cardboard (left over from a package of paper) –

cut it into 4 squares

added lace and

COFFEE FILTERS for the ruffle.

chipboard letters to spell out n.e.s.t

and added a little nest with baby eggs at the top

Go feather your nest!!

I’m linking this to Kimba's DIY Party


Chat soon -



  1. CUTE! And I love the coffee filter idea.

  2. Oh, I LOVE it! And how ingenious and clever to use the coffee filters as you did! :) I love all of the details~ the cardboard you chose, the cute! :)

  3. Now *that* is using your creative noggin. Sooo stinkin' cute. And, yeah, my mister doesn't 'get' it either. But he knows not to mess with my stuff, or else I'll go into his office and start messin' with his!
    Thanks for popping over to my place :o)
    peace. cindy
    ps...I'm a new follower too

  4. Absolutely darling! I love that you used an unusual element in this. I featured it on Grab my "featured" button.

  5. That is very sweet.
    And I love the coffee filter idea!!

    Glad i found you and signed up to follow.


    barbara jean

  6. Love this! Thank you for commenting on my project cause it led me back to your gorgeous blog! I am having so much fun looking around:) Love the banner. You got my creative juices flowing.

  7. I am going to make one. I am so enjoying all the different banners or penants.
    I just made one for fall, then I want to do one with floral fabric and I love the one you made. I think I have all the supplies except maybe the chipboard letters. have to check mmy stash.


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