Vintage inspired

Tara is the MAN!  Well actually she’s not anything like a man --- she’s actually quite girly!!  This girl takes after my own heart – she like ruffles, she likes pleats, she like clean!!

This girl has STYLE.  And even in her fabulousness – she takes that time to encourage, to support, to comment!!  She is the ONE who really got me to start this blog thing!!

The pictures she takes on her blog & on her online store Tara’s Vintage Kitchen really do speak for themselves.  She runs her store with her mom {I’ve asked if they will adopt me into their family!!} 

The sales must fly out the door because not only is she selling wonderful vintage inspired goodies but she’s selling the idea of what they could be. 

I mean, come on!! – look at these images

{here selling the cute little relish tray }…but look at her styling – the stack of scalloped little plates in the background & the green apples & the ribbon bound silver – {ahhhh - pure deliciousness}:

how about this chippy yummy Bundt pan which is fabulous on its own but look @ the whole picture -- the silver with pink flowers in the background & the brown sugar with the tag {oh yum}!:

Her photos not only get the job done of selling the goods but give us all ideas of how we arrange what we have in a more beautiful way

All of this adds up to our savoring of our everyday moments!

Please go check out Tara’s Vintage Kitchen site today – peruse, purchase, enjoy!  Support my adopted sister!! 

oh wait - but there’s more – go visit It’s the little things that make a house a home blog.  She is having a wonderful giveaway – you can throw your name in the hat to win $50 from the kitchen shoppe (wouldn’t that be lovely?)

Chat soon my girls -



  1. I found your blog from the Nesting Place...and I already looked up the ETSY shop listings that you mentioned...very cute stuff!


  2. girlie!! you are way too sweet, thank you for all your kind words and it is nice to know that the extra work I add in to my shoppe doesn't go un-noticed! thank you, thank you, thank you! I am flattered in every which way!
    Keep up the fabulous job you do here my dear!! :) xo

  3. About my reader issues......not sure why. I would reset them......????

    Lovely blog!

  4. Pretties! And OH MY GOSH! I saw my blog on your roll over there >>>> LOL Thank you sweetness!


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