Apron Strings

When I think of aprons – it usually makes me think of spring cleaning….however as we’re leading into autumn – I’m finding myself more & more home-centric. I’ve certainly been in a nesting mood -- so cleaning & rearranging & editing is in the air.

So that makes the pockets of an apron very handy for picking up found barrettes, lego pieces,etc., etc. (does that sound familiar to anyone?)

I’ve been finding myself drawn more & more to aprons. Not only for their functionality but also the true beauty. Many vintage (real vintage or inspired) aprons {which I adore} seem to be cottagey and shabby chic inspired. There is a softness & tradition that I adore.




Usually I’m more attracted to the half apron – but I’m digging this full apron from Martha Stewart – I think it is the red striped material that is getting me:

Look – even this pumpkin mama has an apron on – how stylish!

Isn’t this one above just darling? When I learn how to sew I’m SOO gonna make one – directions from better homes gardens site.

Check out Pink & Polka Dot blog – she has a super cute post about how to convert an unused skirt into an apron…I think I could do that – perhaps, maybe!!

Chat soon girlies -

Northern Cottage

Freedom & Adventure {for a little girl}

We had BIG adventures around these parts this past weekend. 

My littlest just made the commitment – took OFF the training wheels.

Taking a big breath (her & me!)


Learning to ride a bike is like decorating {heck…it’s like LIFE}

There are some successful runs:


Sometimes you get leaning a little too much in one direction & have to get your balance back.


Sometimes you get going a little too fast & HAVE TO SLOW DOWN --


Eeeek --


Sometimes you even CRASH --


And always -- It’s nice to have someone alongside you for the ride {but that someone has to be able to let you do it on your own too so you feel the joy}  What a great daddy!




Ahhhh – Success:


Thanks for coming along with us on this ride!

Happy Monday!

Chat soon -

Northern Cottage

Autumn Inspiration

fall dining clThis photo from Country Living inspired me to spread the fall-ness around the house. How about having a big steaming bowl of spicy squash soup at this table & then maybe a slice of French apple pie?

Thought I’d share a few shots with you from around here --


037 039

Just got that cake plate/dome at an antique store for a steal – I’m loving it! 040

046 An apothecary jar with my extra scrabble letters & ledges contained with a few scarlet leaves thrown in.




050043 029

Stay cozy warm & enjoy the rest of the weekend!

Chat soon -

Northern Cottage

Office Redo

I was starting to feel claustrophobic. I had things all around me & no place to write – so I HAD to re-arrange the office.

I work from home right here at my desk for 7 hours a day & then afterwards I’m lurking blogdom & adding to my little ol’ blog.

SO – needless to say - I spend a little bit of time here…

So here is my office BEFORE: 001 cluttered, tight, full --


Until I took pictures I had no idea how cluttered & distracting the space had become….


Across from my desk – I housed a set of bookshelves for display where I’ve put LOTS of items (my husband affectionately calls it junk (gasp) -- which we all know is no longer a BAD word!)

These are all individual items that I enjoy/treasure/appreciate -- vintage items, license plates, finials, family photos, treasured old family items (my great grandmother’s stove top iron, blue glass ball jars that were my grandfather’s, chalkboard that my grandpa used in grade school (around 1915 or so!)…..so some really cool stuff but it was getting too full so I wasn’t enjoying the separate items anymore.


Here is the after – after a bit of clearing/editing/rearranging:


I placed a skirt under the table to hide all the cords & router and junk


I placed a tension curtain rod stretched across the legs of the table/desk & folded red toile fabric I had laying around over the rod & used a safety pin at the top to keep it in place. It looks like a cute gathered skirt – with NO SEWING. The bottom isn’t even hemmed – just tucked under. I was ALL about speed with this one. The only one who is going to be under there anyway will be my puppy who rests on my feet while I’m working – snoring away!



Yeah – love the cover-up job -- don’t need to be seeing that stuff all the time!



I separated the bookshelves (I’ll use the other one in another room) & replaced with some of the items & like to look at everyday as well as baskets etc that hold the everyday necessities (office supplies, extra pens, tissues, etc.)

011 019

My mason jars that I lurrve – that color so beckons me.


The frame is actually a screen window with some garden fencing & clothespins to hold mementos, etc. I picked it up recently at a local antique/junk shop. I’m feeling more settled with my final results & I have room to write whoohoo --- what do you think?

Chat soon girlies -

Northern Cottage

Get Your CRAFT On!

Did someone say CRAFT.....oh yeah....

TCB (Today's Creative Blog) is bringing us together for a craft bonanza. Isn't she just the best? If you haven't - you gotta follow here/add to google reader etc. She shares GREAT ideas & feeds the addiction to new blogs!

Many of us have our juices flowing more with the change of season. Examples -- I've been rearranging all over the house, taking tree branches from outside into my living room (which when you write it down sounds a bit odd!), organizing my craft area & starting to produce things like this:

This is our FUN BUCKET.

It started off as an ugly holiday tin with teddy bears ice skating - uh yeah - enough said). Sorry I didn't take a before picture (but maybe that's a good thing - I've saved y'all from the bears!)

So I used the trusty ol' spray paint to first to get rid of those bears & then started added scraps (paper, letters, ribbon, etc.)

Inside we keep *fake tatoos for the kids, *markers & little notebooks, *secret messages to each other & *little trinkets I find here & there (at the dollar store or target bins or garage sales) that I think the kiddos will like & that will surprise them.

Some additional CRAFTY items I've been working on are teacher gifts - like this clipboard:

I also made a metal magnet board for my son's teacher to go along with the clipboard - just spray painted a metal tray (from goodwill) with chalkboard paint & am now making coordinating magnets.

Chat soon -
Northern Cottage