Cozy Knits

Yes it is winter here!! We lost our minivan for a little but it’s ok – we found it, unburied it and then it snowed again.  Ah….the joys of living in a northern cottage!!
But…isn’t it pretty? and serene? and can you tell we’re shivering here?
Whether or not you have winter like the above or not -
Have you guys been snuggling up with winter in full season?
Definitely in a snuggly mood here – coming in from outside & cuddling up with ---
*  soft nubby fabrics:

*  of course – blankets:
above is pottery barn’s version…which is lovely – but to a tune of the ‘special’ price of $79) –
I thought perhaps I’d give it a go here:
this is an INCREDIBLY soft cuddly blanket – seriously the softest material I’ve ever felt.  A creamy yummy white…blanket stitched around the perimeter & then added yarn fringe to the top & bottom. 
The kids especially love cozying up with it watching tv & then I steal it back to wrap around me while I’m here at the computer for work (& play = blogging)!
And the red knitted throw below is a gift from my sweet mom a few years ago when she could still do big projects like this.  She knitted one for each of us six kids (in our fav colors, of course!)  Why didn’t I inherit this gift from her?
I love this sassy fringe:
002 003
Here are some other yummy throws that I’m also just adoring:
 bhg (cute puppy not included -- ahhhh)

I really like that bucket of logs on the side there too.
pottery barn

*  cuddly pillows:
houzz (apologize I don’t recall the original source – if you know – fill me in & I’ll give credit)
……I don’t know that I’d exactly cozy up with burlap (kinda scratchy) – but the view of burlap is cozy, don’t you think?  The simplicity of that monogram – yummy.  (I’ll have to remember this one when I have some down time – someday….maybe!)
Cozy up that nest – wrap up with someone dear – snuggle in!
Warmly -


  1. Great cozy knits! I especially like the one your mom made. I knit and crochet and know the investment of time and love put into each piece.

    We love snuggly blankets on our chairs and couches here too. Especially as darkness comes sooner each evening and it is cold and snowy. If I get motivated, I may do a post on our favourite throws and blankets. Thanks for sharing.

  2. This makes me want to go get my Snuggie =D

  3. Hi, I couldn't find your email. Just wanted to say thanks.

  4. ohhh girl, this is one of my favorite topics, this and throw pillows and bead board, and well you get the idea! I love a nice soft throw blanket and snuggly pillow, many times at night you can see me snoozing on our couch all cuddled up with the dog on his bed and the pool man snoring! ha!! aren't we a sight! Great post, makes me want to go home and snuggle back in bed and watch a good girlie movie! glad you are back!

  5. Yes we do have the same taste! I loved your photos! Loving the sweater stuff right now- take care and thanks for visiting me- Krista

  6. It was 63 degrees today where I live (Las Vegas). I was kinda bummed it was too warm to wear the new scarf I got for Christmas.
    I love that Pottery Barn picture! Stay safe and warm in all that snow!

  7. We had a huge snow (for Virginia) before Christmas of 26 inches and lots of it is still here. I snuggle with my down throw as I work on my laptop. And of course, flannel sheets at night.


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