Garage Beauty

Is there such a thing?  Garage = Beauty = Love?? 

Most people don’t think of their garage as a beautiful thing but me…oh yeah.  I think so!

  DSC02479 DSC02481

We built this garage ourselves…from clearing & preparing the land to framing walls, installing windows, soffits, running the electrical , installing lights, garage doors, putting in the driveway, etc.    Note that ‘we’ is mostly my talented hubby (who is in business by trade not carpentry or building, etc so it makes me so much more impressed & proud of our results).

I was there with him every.step.of.the.way & got good blisters from my {own, personal} hammer!!  I even had a cute toolbelt to keep my nails in!

** blood, sweat & tears were invested in this garage – well… not quite sweat = yeah

blood = just a little bit &

no tears at all!


Backtrack to earlier this summer --

The first thing we did was get the land ready – that mean lots of clearing & we brought in A LOT of sand (I mean a lot!!)  Do you know how hard it is to spread sand?  Yeah - quite seriously heavy.  We got a big pile (or 3 + BIG piles) dumped nearby & would shovel it from the pile into a trailer & then dump that where we wanted it & then rake that out.  whew!  See this is where sweat started to show – oh I mean perspiration!


 DSC00925 DSC00926    DSC01339  DSC00865


Actually the first thing we did was put together the kids swingset -- so they were ‘occupied’ & having fun while we toiled.  Don’t get me wrong -  we MADE them ‘help’ us a lot too.  Which actually is more work for us but so worth it in the long run, we think.  They were 5 & 7 this last summer while we did most of this work but we definitely worked together on it.  They also made use of the sand pile every,  Digging, playing, sliding, etc. – good sand pile memories!  I’d suggest every kid have a sand pile at their disposal.  Way better than tv all summer long!




ok – back to garage --- so we had the cement poured for us (boy was that nice to watch other guys work!) but from there we build the walls & on up.

But everything else was us – we used these ladders extensively -- 



We stained every single piece of siding & trim --

072   071


It kept us busy ALL.SUMMER.LONG – & into the fall as well. 

As we were wrapping up, we found out that the lot next door that was not going to be built on when we bought our land is – guess what?  yep, being built on – right next to our house.  But the good thing is that our new garage blocks some of that construction stuff & we’re hoping for wonderful neighbors!!  I need someone close by to borrow a cup of sugar from (I hope whoever buys it are those kind of sugar sharing people!)


In tandem with the garage construction, we also put in an outdoor boiler which has made a huge difference in our heating bills (seriously thousand + less)  and the garage has heated floors too.  So it is cozy warm in there.  Great workshop, toy storage, mechanic’s den space. 

We want to put up a screen/fence of some sort to block the view of the outdoor boiler & to offer a bit more privacy from the new house being built.  On the to-do list….among other things

As you can see we have a little left to complete when the weather warms up – final siding in front, stairway to access upstairs room, landscaping around, etc.  The inside is heated so we’ve already done some car repair stuff in there & little projects but oh boy – do we have plans!!!….LOTS MORE PROJECTS TO COME IN THE FUTURE FROM THIS LOCATION!!

All in all – we love it. 

Chat with you soon -


Also -- Meet our snowman – we named him “BLOB” ---


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  1. Wow! I wish I had a garage like that. I have a 1 car attached garage. I can't even expand it, becuase it needs to be a certain footage away from the property line.
    I guess if I ever wanted to actually park in that garage, I need a shed/workshop!!

  2. Great job on the garage, lots of good storage and allot of hard work. Thanks for stopping by.

  3. I would love that garage too. Heated floors would be divine.


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