Little Blanket Love

We don’t need a special heart day around here to show the love.

I finally made one of those tied fleece blankets.

Every evening here is our routine….kids off the bus home from school , hands are washed, backpacks are sorted through, snack is complete, after regular homework is done – we set the timer for 20 or 30 minutes & grab a book to read. Good practice for the kiddos & some downtime after a hectic time of day for all of us. We’re together doing this but also each reading on our own.

So I figured I made a blanket for this special time. There is such a selection of cute cozy fabrics to choose from to make these & there was a sale – always good to find a sale!

Baby Girl & I went on a girl shopping trip to the fabric store (the boys for some odd reason were not interested in joining us in the material store so they went to Best Buy next door).

I let her pick her own fabric. I was {SCARED} it might be some very cartoony power puff girls or weird bald eagle flying in blue sky but my sweet 6 year old picked out a cute heart pattern (not quite what I would have chosen but I wanted it to be hers).

I got a yard each of her 1) chosen fabric & 2) a coordinating solid

When I got home – cut it to square (or close anyway!)

I held the ends together with office binder clips (remember right sides out if you have a right side on your fabric)

DSC02414 DSC02415

Started cutting strips about an inch apart & about 4 1/2 inches deep.DSC02417 DSC02424

Then start tying the front with the back in a double knot

DSC02419DSC02426 DSC02425 DSC02427

More in production for my 8 year old son & my cottage sister too.

I got to pick the fabric for my son’s blanket – {consequence of his not setting foot in the fabric store with us!} :)

I think he’ll like it anyway!

home decor 034 home decor 035

Check out this awesome vintage looking fleece I found for my sister!! Cherry! home decor 036 home decor 037 Just something special to make for my kiddos to cuddle up with to accomplish this reading time!

Chat soon -


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  1. Very cute projects. Love the fabrics you used!

  2. Where, oh where did you find that cute vintage-y looking fleece? I MUST have some!

  3. Thanks! As a matter of fact, we do have a Hancock Fabrics, and I will be there as soon as I get home. Mom has a leopard print cuddly to take to chemo that her mom made for her; SO her style! I think I'll be a bit selfish and make one for my own cuties to snuggle while they sit on the couch (that's the cute husband, the cutie girl, and the adorable boy!)
    Thanks for the info, and big thanks for the kind words. I really appreciate it!

  4. Oh that is just perfect,!! winter will (hopefully be hitting here at wait to make them!) and that vintage fabric I am all about that! I have to find some - hopefully some smart aussie seller will have it! Lovely blankets!

  5. Yes! I made one for each of my boys and they love them - keeps them extra warm at night, and comfy to nap with too : )

  6. oh wow! I love the vintage pattern. so lovely!!!

    ~ Emily N. from "too Blessed to Stress"

  7. SO cute! I wanna make one for my kiddo now.


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