Pottery Barn Aesthetic

Are they copying me? I do see a lot of items in this pottery barn catalog that I already had here @ the northern cottage – I’m just saying.

I guess that means I’m in style now & maybe a little ahead of the curve rather than just copying them – which feels kinda cool.

but at the same time – they are making a boatload of dough selling this stuff we got on the cheap. That doesn’t seem fair.

I certainly have the pb aesthetic. I love the uniqueness of their displays & have always styled the similarly though on a budget.

Here are examples from around the northern cottage compared to the PB catalog:


Mine --


DSC02502 DSC02505 DSC02507

PB version:

Compared savings -- PB $29 – mine $2.74 at Target years ago


Mine in various locations throughout the house: DSC02467 DSC02473

a room, garage, utility, stools 024

home decor 021

PB (not for sale but cool display I think):

One of my faves - a BIG aquaish jug/jar that is almost 3 feet tall…..love it! Look @ all the money we have piled in it (that is our trip fund we’ve just started! Looks like we have some more saving to do if we’re gonna leave our driveway!)



and PB version:

Savings -- PB $199.00 – Mine = $5.00!!

Wall System


home decor 019

Hooks on a board + pushpin/chalkboard combo + clock + stool in a previously unused corner of our backdoor entryway.

Major score with organization here – LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that the kids can hang up their own stuff.

home decor 016

PB Mailbox wall hook (ok so this is a pretty cool set up!):

I have more images to share --- to be continued….

Chat soon dearies -


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  1. I like yours better anyway! I think pottery barn follows blogs and checks out the talent and copies what we girls like! ;) you are ahead of the game for a lot less!

  2. I am convinced that the PB and other big box retailers have 'people' that search blogs to know what the cool girls are doing, then mark up the price and sell it to the noncreative people out there. Looking forward to your next post...

  3. Love the way you think! That blue jug is a great color :)

  4. Great finds! It so great when you see something you already have selling for a lot more than what you paid. Good planning and forcasting style on your part!

  5. Dontcha just feel bad for those poor soles that aren't creative enough to be "inspired" by those images?! Lucky us...can save a buck, or two, or three!

  6. I think Tara pinned it ~ they probably look at blogs and take ideas for their styling. So we all covet what they are selling, meanwhile we've had it all along!

  7. Tara already said it, but I was going to say that yours are cuter anyway :)


  8. I'm with the others-yours is great. It just goes to show you that you don't have to have lots of money to make your home beautiful!

  9. I love the Pottery Barn look for so much less! I'm glad I found your blog!

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  11. I love when that happens and you know yours was for a few dollars! I copied a PBK playroom on the cheap.

  12. it DOES make you wonder if their designers scan the blogs and say, "Uh, hey THIS would be cool for $500!" LOL.

    i like yours better too!


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