Aversion to changing tp roll

Just as a follow up to yesterday’s post…
decor, family 022 We all have stuff we don’t like to do, right?
silly little thing…yeah but I didn’t like changing the tp roll but I couldn’t leave it undone!  My husband would do it most times (which is good) & my babies were pretty little so I didn’t really expect them to do it, of course.
I made this storage change….for me….a simple change that has made life simpler & bypassed something I didn’t enjoy doing. 
It’s kinda like the whole make your bed everyday or not thing….i’m in the make your bed first thing camp & LOVE it…even if the rest of the room is a disaster – if you make the bed – everything is that much more restful & calm.
Weird, I know…but I actually LIKE the look of the rolls in the buckets, baskets & bins.  You guys know I have a thing for buckets, baskets & bins overall!
What kinds of things do you not necessarily love doing but get it done anyway – can you adjust it to make it more tolerable or even enjoyable?  Sometimes it’s just the little itsy bitsy changes that can change our days, our habits, our joy!
Love you guys -


  1. I too am a make your bed first thing. I keep my tp in a big basket!

  2. I love your TP solution and I'm a make your bed 1st thing kinda gal too. After all, my bed takes up 80% of my room, so if it's a mess the whole room looks like a train wreck!


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