Cleaning the Kitchen Sink

Not the most enjoyable thing TO DO but it is so nice to walk by a clean kitchen with a spotless sink…serious satisfaction.  Wow I must be old if that is a great part of my day. 

ah well – simple pleasures – we have to take what we can get!

Here is how I clean my kitchen sink & just love the results while it lasts:

1. Fill the kitchen sink with HOT water. 

I just do one side of the sink at a time so I have the other side free if needed.


2. Add a cup or so of bleach


3. Let sit for an hour (or three if you get sidetracked with other stuff!)

4. Empty & do any little bit of wiping you might see as needed


5. Wipe dry

6. If possible, I keep it wiped as much as I can & it really limits the water droplet stains, buildup, etc.


ooooohhh sparkly!

One spot of shinyness to enjoy through the day….ah now if only everything else could be picked up, put away, organized, cleared, scrubbed & taken care of with just a few steps like this!!!

Someday I’d adore having an apron farmhouse sink like this – someday!

farm sink cl country living

One thing @ a time!

Chat soon -



  1. Oh yes...I want one of those sinks too! We can both dream and hope together. Maybe someday we'll get them.

    I'm gonna have to try your bleach trick, cause I like having a nice clean sink. That's the thing I don't like about our stainless sinks- every drop of water meakes it look messy. Sigh- dreaming of that lovely white farmhouse sink...

  2. I do this with my icky stained porcelin sink. Except I do it about once a month and I leave it soaking all night long and do it on both sides at once. Looks so much better by morning. Love it!

  3. A clean kitchen sink (and counters for that matter) always make me feel like I have a handle on my home. Like I'm ahead of the game. It's such a great feeling!

    I'd like one of those farmhouse sinks too. Although I've been think about a stainless steel one too. MMMMM, decisions, decisions.

  4. After a good clean we use a microfiber cloth made for stainless so all looks nice.

  5. This is one of my favorite Flylady things. I love having a shiny sink


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