I have an aversion --

I don’t mind vacuuming…

I don’t mind doing dishes (even when our dishwasher was broken for 3 months!)…

I don’t mind cooking…

I don’t mind cleaning…

…but one thing I don’t like to do??

Change the toilet paper holder.

I know…it only takes a whopping 2.3 seconds to swap out the roll but I hate it… don’t really know why but it is such a repetitive,mundane task for what? I have better things to do with that 2.3 seconds (like um, blog or read blogs tee hee!)

What is a toilet paper holder anyway? Well -- according to wikipedia -

A toilet roll holder, also known as a toilet paper dispenser, is an item that holds a roll of toilet paper. There are at least five types of holders:

  1. A horizontal piece of wire mounted on a hinge, hanging from a door or wall.
  2. A horizontal axle recessed in the wall.
  3. A vertical axle recessed in the wall
  4. A horizontal axle mounted on a freestanding frame.
  5. A freestanding vertical pole on a base.

That sounds a bit…COMPLICATED!!

So….I made a conscious decision when we moved to this house to









Instead I use buckets & baskets & other cool containers to hold multiple rolls at a time – like

a vintage enamel bucket in our utility room bathroom - (love it!)

decor, family 022

decor, family 023

master bedroom has a basketful & a spare in a cute tray/magazine rack thingy -

decor, family 024

decor, family 025

decor, family 026

Shutters put together to form a column & rolls are lines up one by one inside in the main bathroom that the kids & guests share-

decor, family 020

decor, family 018

decor, family 019

extra rolls in a basket in this same bathroom

decor, family 021

all of this results in easy access, pretty display (for toilet paper!) & 2.3 seconds saved x a million rolls.


Try it – you’ll like it!

Chat soon dearies -


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  1. Too funny. I think I have the same pail.

  2. You and my husband! But I have determined that your option is the best--saves me getting irritated over nothing important.

  3. when the kids were still @ home i was SICK of being the only one to change TP so decided to see how long it would go before someone else did. it went all the way to THREE wks...suddenly, i decided this is one of the pieces of servanthood in my home & i changed my own attitude about it! :) now i chuckle about it & use it as a teachable moment in SS class...

  4. Found your through blog surfing...
    First of all, please come to my house. You can do all those other things for me and I will swap out your roll with skill. Second, that storage thing is cool.

  5. You are hysterical! Funny, I was just thinking the same thing earlier tonight. I entered the powder room, and the roll was empty. A new roll was in the basket next to the toilet. HELLO! 2 Adults, 2 kids, and nobody but me EVER changes the roll!
    Julie :)

  6. Great ideas! The shutters are especially cool!!

  7. Pretty funny! I don't really like changing it either, it seems silly to hang it up. It's so much simpler to just have it sitting in a handy place. Plus, there's somebody else in my house that forgets to replace it, and that is not fun for the next person. I might have to remember this when we move into our new house.

  8. I don't know why I found this post so....comforting. And true! The shutter holder would not only act as a TP container, but a fun filled toy for my little kids to enjoy whilst accompanying me to the bathroom (when will I get a chance in there alone, I wonder?) Anyway, I tried my hand at a holder...check it out...

  9. This is so funny. I just looked at the magizine rack that I painted a few days ago and said to myself, I should see how that would work in the bathroom for toilet paper! Jami


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