Metal Love

What is it about metal that I ADORE so much?

This time of year I get a hankering for storage containers & containing the remaining clutter that is part of everyday life with a home & family.

But who says it has to be boring?

Who hasn’t seen a million of these crates over the years…but hung on the wall for storage – that is seriously stunning!

And how great is the put-together metal hutch?  Do you think this was built to go together or just happened (delightfully) to fit together? 

What a perfect marriage between that metal table (check out the attached stool) & the bookcase hutch.  ahhhhh

This kitchen would give you a spring in your step each morning (hardy har har)

spring stools cottage kitchen hb

this one makes me want to go grocery shopping (& then swimming in a junior high swimming pool – the lockers conjure that image for me I think!)  Love it.

 grocery locker basket - cl

This laundry room is from Sarah Richardson (a little more sleek & modern than I’d normally be drawn too but I think it is just lovely)

laundry-room-sarah richardson

Mix of those metal chair with the rustic table – yummy!

 metal chairs dining-area-sunshine-1109-cl

Very springy & lovely

 metal stool

Glass of wine anyone?

metal tote cl

The images above have been in my inspiration file for some time & I’m not positive where each one is from but I’m sure some from bhg, diy ideas, country living, house beautiful, etc.

Watch out summer – here I come!! And I’m going to fill up on metal usage!!  Can’t wait!!  Doesn’t the image below just look dreamy – (this one is from my front porch last summer)?  Ahhh


Chat soon -



  1. Such fun images! I love galvanized metal...and those metal bins on the wall are charming. Great ideas!

  2. Your inspiration photos have my heart skipping a beat - love, love, love metal. I've been trying to add a few things here and there. But your right, come spring and summer a few items scattered around just doesn't cut it anymore. More is what we need - lots more =)

  3. There is something so functional about metal things.


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