Treasures to Share

I’ve got…well…let’s say…. a bountiful amount of treasures that I’m ready to see go to a new home. 
{Although now that I see them in pictures they LOOK SO TOOTIN CUTE!! }  Maybe I should keep them…..I think my hubby might not love THAT idea as much!
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As I was cleaning house this morning – I set a just a FEW things on the kitchen table as a landing spot…..but the COLLECTION….KEPT…GROWING.
I guess we’ll have to EAT OUT!
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And. I. have. MORE….in the man cave above the garage (aka storage right now)!
hmmm…I think I have a problem….maybe I should stay away from garage sales/auctions/estate sales/goodwill for awhile!!
I’ve been toying with the idea of having a little spot in an area antique shop but don’t know if I will or not….
Hope you’re having a WONDERFUL Summer so far!!!
Chat soon -


  1. I'm drooling over your treasures! My goodness, I would be a kid in a candy store :) I have an idea, just send it all to me :P You should go for opening a spot in a little antique shop. You definitely have a talent for finding beautiful things!

  2. OMGness you have a perfect collection of treasures! I LOVE your style. :)

    And you asked about my galvanized tiered tray...I got it at Hobby Lobby! It was really inexpensive too...


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