Wedding Gift – Breakfast Tray

Is there much that is better than breakfast in bed….doesn’t that just sound romantic?

I thought something along those lines would make a nice wedding present.

My sister-in-law just got married this past weekend. It was THE most beautiful wedding ever. Very classic and yet fun – just like the couple!

For their gift, I got a tray from our fav spot – Target, of course.

This tray also had built in picture spots so thought I’d be able to do something personalized for them..…

Got a bunch pictures of cool numbers for their wedding date:

8 – 28 – 10

printed them out, and placed them in the frame spots.

home 001 home 002 home 004

Then gathered the makings for breakfast in bed….pancake mix, a griddle, different gourmet syrups, spatula, whisk ,etc.

We got to bring home some of the flowers from the table settings as well….enjoying these at home for the last couple days. Ahhhhh!

home 049

Enjoy these last fleeting days of summer.

School starts for my kiddos tomorrow so we’re off to have a last fun filled day.

Chat soon -


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  1. That is a neat tray. How nice to be able to change out the frames at whim.

  2. Great wedding gift idea! That would even look fantastic on a wall. I love the pics you used for the numbers!

  3. My sister was married this past weekend too...I still have to get her a gift. This is the perfect idea.

  4. PS..just wanted to say, I have become your newest follower. number 100... WOOP WOOP!

    Happy Friday!

  5. This is beautiful!! I m hosting a 50 dollar CSN Giveaway and would love for you to stop by. Thanks Anu!

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  7. I like the idea of putting the wedding date on the breakfast. It is indeed a brilliant idea.


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