Doors Wide Open

Our front door is nothing crazy fabulous at the moment.  We had a pretty screen door but the wind caught it and blew it off and also cracked the casing along with it…so it is leaning unused in our garage and we have just our front door bare.  To me a front door without a screen door is like going out for date night without lipstick on!  Lip gloss is fine {& good enough} but lipstick in just the right shade adds that little extra ‘pretty’!

I have dreams of the front screen door to be replaced with something like this….


 front porch bhg



screen door bhgbhg 


I love sliding barn doors (in or out)  trying to think up a way to incorporate one of these somewhere, someday!

barn door

these two photos I’ve had in my inspiration file forever - source unknown

But in the meantime, I’ll show you the door that I have here at the cottage that I love every time I pass by it.

 home 051 home 052 My mini door is just outside our back patio along side a tiny chair and it is surrounded by my succulent planting (in an old cheese box – love it!) and flowers all around.

home 070

home 071 home 072

Chat soon -


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  1. I'm a screen door fan too...luv your mini one!


  2. all those doors are dreamy - they make me wanna move to a big house out in the country where I can drink sweet tea on the front porch :)

  3. Oh, and I just saw your breakfast in bed tray for the wedding gift. I LOVE this idea!!! Thanks for sharing it. I've walked past that same tray in Target a million times and thought - I bet I could find something cute to do with that tray. Well, now I know what to do for my neice's upcoming wedding.

  4. Love this door inspiration! I'm delighted you added this to the door link to show other uses for front doors. The screen and sliding coke door have me jittery with WANT. :)

    SNS sidebar highlight for your lovely door ensemble this weekend!


  5. Love your front door inspirations and your tiny little door.

  6. Our screen door is in need of repair so it's sitting off it's hinges too. It has an arched top so it's not an easy one to replace. I miss it.

  7. I have a little door like that...I need to do something with it!! Great idea!

  8. Your mini door is cousin to my mini-Adirondack chair--would like one but can't afford it just yet--meanwhile the tiny one makes me smile!


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