Falling for {FALL}

Even though my very very most favorite season is without a doubt SUMMER…I do love the transition of the seasons. I love that it is still green and lush here and still warm enough.
But….I guess I’m getting done with summer.
I’m looking forward to jeans and sweaters, to pumpkins and fallen leaves and to crisp morning walks.
Here are some fall touches from around here-
I started off with some items here and there
but that was just the beginning
home 038
home 076
home 077
home 081
and then shuffled them around
home 033
home 034
home 032
home 035
I took an old crusty (crusty in the most beloved sense of the word!) tool box tote and piled it with various fall items….sticks, small watering cans, berries, a nest, etc., etc.
home 036 home 037 home 040
home 026 home 027
home 028
An upside down chicken feeder to display the little pumpkin
home 029
Bits of stuff here and there – an old metal mailbox…a spout for a watering can
home 030
home 031
Out of the front porch
mmmmm – mums!
home 054
home 055
I got the yellow metal tool carrier at GW for a buck and filled it with stuff:
home 051
home 052
home 053
Wreath on the front door – I’m digging the green and rusty orange combo
home 058
home 059
I have plans for the succulents below to carry me through fall/winter:
home 060
home 003
home 001
home 074
home 075
Some Inspiration:
fall chair bhg
green blue pumpkins bhg
pumpkin wall bhg
pumpk chandy cl
pumpkin cl
source: 1-3 – bhg; 4,5 country living;
Happy FALL y’all -
Chat soon -
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  1. All your stuff looks so great! You're really good at putting everything together & making it look like it belongs there. Seriously good job. Ive been wanting an old tool box, but im still on the look out! Check out my blog when you get a chance.

  2. Beautiful fall displays!! I wish I was better at vignettes...yours are so beautiful. You've made it feel so warm and well, fall-ish. :)

    Thanks for stopping by my blog today and leaving a nice comment.

  3. Such great displays! Makes me wanna go out and decorate now!

  4. What great arrangements. I'm seriously loving the tool box. I really like the pumpkin in the urn, too. Nice work.


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