Labor Day - Labor

Our Labor Day truly was labor filled!

What do you do with some of this:

home 009

and some of these:

home 011

loads and loads of this:

home 037

and one of these:

home 006

I’m officially old if I can be {positively giddy} about a sidewalk and some rock!

Last week, we poured our own front sidewalk – let me tell ya – that is one messy, hard job!

home 051

home 001

home 002 home 004

How do you like the huge dirt hold between the house and sidewalk…. me – UM - not so much!

home 005

So we graded and raked and used the tiller to get to here: home 008

Landscape fabric and many, many loads of River Rock later….

home 012

Then we started on the other side of the sidewalk -

Laid out the hose for our curve and then spray painted, dug it out and started laying brickwork for the edge (so much prettier – I think – than the black plastic edging)

Note how I’m already putting plants out in that area – what a goofball I am!

home 017

home 014

home 015

Removed the extra sod by shovel and more tilling -

home 016

home 049

Starting laying brick -

home 051

and more brick

home 054 home 057

Of course, we got the kiddos in on the action – picking rocks and putting back fill in on the other side of the blocks. They were pretending to be archeologists below!

home 055

home 062

home 010

Now to the side of the house - home 059 home 063 home 064

home 065

home 066

We made GREAT progress in one day and can’t believe the difference between last week and now…..Can’t wait to show you the end result with some pretty fall decorating in place too!

Whew – I’d LOVE to go take a nap!

Chat soon -


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  1. A big "WOO HOO" for your finished project! Well done.

    My project only took 2 years to finish. :)

  2. Wow. My back hurts just from watching YOU. That is some hard work you've done and it looks wonderful! Love the sidewalk!


  3. Ya'll did ALL that in ONE day? WOW!!!! Kudos to you! Can't wait to see what happens next. I could only see a little of your house, but it looks beautiful. Love the wood siding. Actually, we are renting, so just about anyone's own home looks lovely to me ~ LOL!!


  4. Wow, you all rock (pun intended)! Great you used some muscle rub after. A lot of work and well done.

  5. I'm your newest follower.


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