Laundry Room Blues

If you peruse my blog – you’ll notice I apparently have an affinity for touches of blue tempered with brown…..I don’t know anyone that doesn’t love at least hints of robin egg blue – do you?

Which brings me to our LAUNDRY ROOM

Our laundry room is - let’s say - in transition

It is also confused

Our laundry room is a

        • laundry room
        • spare bathroom
        • utility room
        • storage room

All wrapped up in a tiny space

We aren’t quite ready to give it a real overhaul so I’m trying to be inventive and make due with what we’ve got

There are some redeeming qualities of the space

Like - It is painted a nice comforting warm blue

Here’s the layout -

along one wall with have the throne, the laundry sink

and we’ve installed some cabinets for storage (extra soap, paper towels, etc etc.)

home 047

along the opposite wall we have the entry door into the room and then next to the door we have just enough room for the washer and dryer

home 041

On top of the dryer – I’ve place a BLUE metal tray to contain all the laundry supplies

** The dryer venting runs all the way up the back of the dryer to ceiling (you know those big metal tubes – not pretty!)

so I covered it up by placing a bookshelf on top of the dryer to cover the tube and provide extra storage. Then I covered the front of the bookshelf with a burlap bag for a curtain on a suspension rod

home 055

My fave part of the whole room is the large glass canister with laundry soap
with a metal scoop

home 043 home 044

Need to have a lamp in this little dark corner of my world

home 045

and a little metal garbage can for lint etc on top of the washer in a tray so it doesn’t tumble during the spin cycle.

home 052

And then we have this….

are you ready for some ugly?

I’ve brought in a screen that I’ve covered in linen

home 046

Which covers the guts of the room:

home 047

Hello – that is so so not pretty!

home 049

But the screen helps don’t you think?

I don’t think this color scheme would fit for my entire house but touches - oh yes!

Alongside my beloved coke crates for the purely lovely red/blue/brown combo – just hanging out on the front porch

home 016

I love how this color combo plays into autumn & the crispness of winter, as well.

I’m actually dreaming about this color with white snow background….ugh sort of….but for now enjoying the end of summer, the beginning of fall.

Winter shall be upon us soon enough.

Cheers -


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  1. You fixed up that space and made it work really well. I think you did a great job! Love the burlap, and the glass jar!
    I hope you'll drop by sometime,
    Heidi - Heart and Home

  2. Mine is in the basement and not pretty at all! I think yours looks great, and I love blue!

  3. Wow--you've done great things with that space! Using that screen was a stroke of brilliance--it makes a huge difference! And I just love your blue.

  4. I love the blue and brown scheme! There are such gorgeous colors. And the burlap curtain is so unique... Never would have thought of that. I love it. Thanks for stopping by While He Was Napping! Can't wait to see what project you're doing with the spray painted cookie sheet! I'll be back.


  5. Love it! Here's a crazy question? What kind of powdered detergent do you use? I'd like to make a switch from my ugly bottle of tide. I even have a scoop and jar! I love your colors and what you've done with this space!

  6. It's really a cute space. Great idea with the screen too.

  7. Way to work with what you've got! Love it! It would cheer me up to do my laundry in there!

  8. Had a couple questions on the laundry soap - the jar I got at a garage sale for a big ol buck - whoohoo! The soap is a new Tide powder for HE machines - just picked it up at Target!

  9. The blue is lovely. We've just moved to a new to us home, with a tiny laundry room...more like a large closet. I love the accessories you used to bring life into your room. Must try something soon!

  10. Thanks for the comment. I think you did a fantastic job working with what you have! Very clever (and CUTE!) ideas!

  11. You've done some really clever cover ups in this room. I've got too much going on in my laundry room too. It's got laundry, pantry, work sink, dog bowls, cookbooks, desk, and craft room crap! And not painted yet cause it's too much effort to get all the crap moved out to get at the walls.

    Enjoying my first visit to your blog. Your TP solution is genius btw. I think there's a noble peace prize waiting for you somewhere.

  12. Oh, another laundry room to drool over! You did a wonderful job.
    Also wanted to say THANKS for stopping by my blog!

  13. What a great space...I totally envy folks who can pretty up their utilitarian rooms with touches of whimsy. That burlap on a tension rod is genius. :) And the linen covered screens are perfect for the job of covering the 'guts' of the room.

    Thanks for sharing it with the B&B blog bonanza!

  14. I like your Northern Cottage. Cute laundry area. I've got pics of my laundry room too at Mel's Cabin...come by for a visit and sip some coffee while you're there.

  15. I feel your pain..

    Our Laundry room is the

    Mud room/ Pantry/ Back entry to the house.

    Like you I am always trying to make do with what we have in the limited space its in without being to cluttered...


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