Mason Jars

Sigh…..I do love me some blue mason jars!

I have them ALL OVER my house.

Kitchen -

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One of my most favorite & simple things I’ve done is to put a tray on my kitchen island with my - what else – blue jars - with some silverware in each…one for spoons, one for forks, one for knives….it make it THAT much more simple to make sandwiches for school lunches, for the kiddos to grab a spoon for their breakfast cereal or a spoon for after dinner ice cream sundaes.  

These little blue jars take away the whole 2 extra steps we’d have to take to the turn around to the silverware drawer and the whole process of opening the drawer is {apparently} just way too much work…. apparently. 

Plus for some reason – it is more fun for the kids to help put the silverware away.  I’m game for helping make chores fun.

Simple joys – plus I just like looking at the jars!

 home 019

I love the couple big ones lined up in the Living Room with some hydrangeas peeking out.

home 016

Blue jars can also be found throughout the northern cottage in the family room, bedrooms and bathrooms – hmmm maybe a little bit of an addiction (er I mean collection) going - perhaps.

But…they ARE the perfect color and the perfect shape and so useful to hold stuff and just so tootin pretty to look at.

I use them for decorating….Summer, Winter, Fall & Spring

This post was inspired by the lovely Blue Clear Sky.  I have never seen CROWN mason jars before her post….they are DARRRL-ING!  We don’t have those here – maybe it’s a Canadian thang, eh?

Chat soon -


mason jar cherry jubileep.s. check out this ball jar beauty above made by the artisan Cherry’s Jubilee – yummy!


  1. You and I must have been on the same wavelength! My post today at WhisperWood Cottage uses jars as silverware organizers. I love the aqua colors of the ones you have! And those Crown jars at Blue Clear Sky are amazing!!


  2. I'm in LOVE with blue Ball jars and found one at GW for $1! Haven't been that lucky since. Where do you find all of yours??

  3. Hi sweety, I have a question. I'm thinking of putting my vintage silverware (that we use everyday) in some Ball jars on my kitchen counter because I have a HUGE collection and it doesn't fit too well in the tray. I see that you have some on your island. How does it work for you? Just a quick question : )
    TTFN ~


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