Departure from Decor - Home Is Mom

You know when you're little (or even when you're grown) thoughts of home almost always lead to memories of mom.

Earlier this summer, we lost our dad.  Right now we are in hospice with mom.

So obviously my thoughts are not turning to my own home and nesting but rather looking back to how mom always made the place where we lived into

She was really the primary breadwinner for our family working full time and yet she took care of EVERYTHING else as well.  She made great comforting meals, she sewed, she knitted.  She went back to school and got her master's in Art - just for her with no thought of making income from it...just for her.  Which - I think - is actually pretty amazing.

The house was ALWAYS clean and picked up.  She had a very editing eye and was able to clear through the stuff of life and just keep those little tokens that were very special to her.  I never ever remember the house being messy.....she said it was lived in and not a museum (which was true) but she felt more comfortable when things were uncluttered.  Ahhh...I'd like to work to be more like her in this area.

I don't know how she did it all?!

So turning back in my thoughts now to how hard she worked to make our journey the best it could be.

The phrase that we kids (there are 6 of us kids) all remember her saying over and over is that she would "do the best she could at the point she was at."  So - meaning not everything was fair and equal all the time but doing the best at the moment was really a precious gift and a something we can all carry on for our everyday lives.

Mom always loved home decor books and magazines - I think i caught that bug from her and am so thankful that I caught a little bit of her style and her organizational skills....she is the QUEEN of organization though so I know I'll never be that good at it but I like to keep on trying.

So glad that I can just jot down some of these memories as we cherish the moments with her these days. 

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  1. I'm so sorry to hear your mother is ill. Prayers to you and yours.

  2. What a beautiful post. I'm so sorry to hear your mom is sick. We lost my mom 3 years ago. Cherish these days with her!

  3. I am so sorry that you mother is sick. You certainly paid a wonderful tribute to her just now. God bless you and all of your family.

  4. I am sorry to hear that your mom is not well. I know that must be so hard. This post was such a wonderful one~ your mother certainly sounds amazing and very special!

    I will definitely be praying for you and your family during this time.

  5. I'm so sorry about the loss of your dad and taking on yet anouther journey, this time iwth your mom.

    I lost my son in Nov 2003. Joshua was only16.

    I still have both my parents and even thoough our losses are much different if I can do anything please let me knnow. My prayers are for you and your mom.


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