Pop O’ Color

I was inspired
She made me do it
I didn’t really want to
but I had to
go out

Miss Donna from Funky Junk – having an colour challenge link up so it got me thinking about how to inject something new
You know I love me my hits red and my robin’s egg (otherwise I’ve more soothed by the browns, creams and blacks) and actually as of late have been removing color rather than adding as this is more calming for me lately.

 I’ve been clutter busting around here.
But I was inspired…I wanted to DARE to do something different

I decided to work on our entry way coat tree
Here is the lovely before:
home 011

yes there is a coat tree under all that
 home 012

ok maybe it isn’t all that lovely…
in fact – is it really there?
must be cold, rainy and sunny here – hmmmm

ok here it is NAKED
( I wonder what kinds of hits I’ll get on this blog with the use of that word?!)
 home 013
yep – pretty boring

but good bones
 home 014
And here it is IN PROCESS
I think I was inspired to with orange because of the autumn season


that is

kinda scary
home 059

It says to me

      • “road block up ahead”
      • “use caution on this roadway”

      • “fines double in the construction zone”
 home 060
Yep it is pretty orange
so toned it down a bit without losing the pop of color altogether
by wiping on some watered down aqua blue paint and then brushing it off – so it just has a hint and the orange is still there and vibrant but not overpowering
 home 008
 home 009

home 007

Isn’t paint lovely?

You can play without being committed forever

I wonder what color I will paint this next?
What do you think?

I’m thinking a deep warm red to spice up winter perhaps   
ohhh or maybe a cool icy blue/gray….hmmm that sounds nice too doesn’t it?

We’ll see what happens when the mood strikes!

Chat soon -
Northern Cottage


  1. I think the muted orange looks very nice. The wreath hanging on it is just the right touch waiting for the jackets that are to come.

  2. That looks great with the orange and aqua. Good job!!

  3. That is a really cute idea.

  4. Really cute idea- I love the pop of color and the orange looks lovely. The wreath looks beautiful on it too. Great job! :)

  5. I really like the orange with aqua tint. Painting things is addictive. I know I will have things that I like but think about spray painting forever. I really like as is...but maybe I should paint. I go back and forth and then I'll finally paint it and I love it so much better once I've painted it.

  6. Good for you! It looks great. The aqua wash seems to be the perfect touch. Now even empty it would have character.

  7. LOL I love the way you think! You are so right, it's onlyu paint. And you picked an easy object to repaint too, so now you can really play!

    I actually love the finished result here. I think it's very pretty!


  8. Ummmm, I think it add the PERFECT punch of color for fall!

  9. What a great idea to use a coat rack for a wreath hanger!! Love it!

  10. I LOVE the yellow! What a cheery color and so cute as a wreath hanger. Thanks so much for visiting Dandy Giveaway and for your kind comments! I hope you come back and enter some giveaways -- you could get lucky :)


  11. i love the orange and i LOVE that you spray painted right on the grass!

  12. Love the color! Way to be brave! And I really like using it as a wreath hanger...always looking for new uses for old things!

    Thanks for visiting my blog today!


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