Surprise Treats

So this morning - I woke up early at 5!  I stretched…. I turned on the computer (I work from home so figured I start out the day and run through some emails)….., I went out the kitchen and turned on the coffee pot……

Sounds like a nice leisurely start to the day right?  So far....

So then I went the fridge to get my creamer for my cup of coffee and perused the calendar to see what might be on tap for the day......ACKKKK!!

Then saw that my 2nd grader had to bring treats for the class


Crap I totally forgot & didn't make anything.  Usually we do it the night before TOGETHER - since the treats are not for me (they are for them so I think they should play a part in putting it together - plus its FUN - usually!)

So off to the pantry I went to see if there was anything I could were some of the thoughts swimming through my head this morning at 5:07 AM!:

could I send pickles? 

How about saltines?


Would betty crocker au gratin potatoes be considered a treat?

Fish sticks?

How about a big can of creamed corn?


Then I think I actually woke up and had an idea

Take some gigantic marshmallows (left over from our fall camping trip)  -- she needed 23 treats and there just happened to be 23 marshmallows - hello...meant to be!

Melted some chocolate chips - spread on one end of the marshmallow - added some sprinkles and here we go.

I put them on a cookie sheet in the freezer for a bit

(had some coffee FINALLY!)

and came back to put in baggies and tied them with some extra ribbon.  Plopped them in a cute basket thing for her to carry to school.

Baby girl woke up, got dressed, came out over to the kitchen island for breakfast and saw the treats ready to go and her eyes got BIG and a huge smile was received.....

ahhh totally worth it for the quick easy last minute treats. 

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Chat soon -



I {ADORE} your comments and read! ♥