Pantry Organization

My pantry is one of the first things you look at if you come in through our garage entry door.  We pretty much leave the door open.
So this is what has been hitting me in the face every time I walk in the door.
It was unsettling for me all of a sudden.
home 031
Had to do
All that color and packaging was making me anxious!
So I cleared it out and organized
home 032
I combined a lot of the items and placed in containers
whether they were baskets, metal bins or vintage bread boxes….similar things were placed in a designated spot for containment purposes.
One of the best things about this process is that is is sustainable for me because I can keep things in the bins without them being ‘perfect’.  Like if when I get another bag of chocolate chips….just throw ‘er in the baking basket. 
home 034
School lunch and snack items are combined into specific metal caddies below…one for granola bars, one for pudding and fruit cups, one for fruit snacks and treats
home 035
Chips are combined in one bigger metal basket
home 036 
Making use of some of my vintage locker baskets for the boxed pantry times (mac & cheese and taco shells, etc.)  {I have a plan to put a cute little liner in these to screen off the contents from immediate viewing}
 home 039 home 040 - Copy home 041 home 042
wouldn’t these be darling with a linen ruffled little liner….hmmm we’ll see.
I took all the cereal out of the bulky boxes and am just gonna keep the clear bags….less jarring of a view and yet you can still tell your rice krispies from your corn flakes.
 home 044
Some pretty canister for rice
home 045
and hiding some of the other dry good behind the canisters
home 046
all the supplies for pancakes are in one tray (oil, syrup, and the pancake mix switched over to a prettier jar)
home 047 
All the crackers
home 050
and baking supplies contained in baskets
home 051 home 052
pasta moved over to pretty jars as well
home 054
A stool to keep right in the pantry to grab those higher shelf items
home 038
home 037
Up above are on the top shelf my prized le crueset pots (one from the thrift store – score!)
I also decided to hide some of the shelves behind a burlap sack just so it is a prettier and calmer view upon first glance.
home 033
Not totally done yet….as with everything I’m sure there will be little tweaks here and there but for now….
Chat soon  -

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  1. Oh my gosh! I can only dream of having a special walk in pantry. Awesome!

  2. Ahhh, isn't an organized space the best thing EVER! Great way to use wire locker baskets. I like the way you can easily see what's inside, yet it's all so neat and tidy looking.

  3. Fantastic job on your pantry! It looks so fresh and peaceful now! Angie xo

  4. First, I have to say I ENVY all of your pantry space! Second, I love all of the baskets and bins - it's so much calmer.

  5. I understand keeping the door open and then wanting it to look pretty. Once you pretty it up, you'll never want to do it any other way.

  6. I'm doing my cabinets-pulling everything out. You inspire me!


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