Above the Cabinets OR not?

I left the space above my cabinets bare for the first year we lived here…..I actually enjoyed the clean lines but decided to spice it up for awhile.
I just adore the mix of aqua, red and white.  
So I shopped the house to find items to plug up there:
Enamelware is one of my fav finds!
Vintage kitchenware with red or aqua handles
Coke and 7 Up crates
Glass jars
decor cabinets 004decor cabinets 007
016decor cabinets 001 decor cabinets 002
The picture below shows an AWESOME wire basket which is the perfect shade of aqua! 
 decor cabinets 003
On the counter I’ve got some vintage tins which actually instead of holding sugar & coffee hold bubble gum & puppy treats.
 decor cabinets 006
~This post inspired by the Nester
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My first Ruffle – oohh la la

I wanted to lighten up our living room sofa table…so decided to make
a little creamy table runner.
This is my first attempt at sewing a ruffle – so I was a little scared.
Scared of….a ruffle…how crazy is that??
So took deep breath & went for it -
decor, thrift 022
These are very precise directions that you’ll have to follow directly in order to replicate --- not!
Although I think it turned out pretty darn cute…if I do say so myself.
Especially since I really had no idea what I was doing…
shhhhh…don’t tell anyone.
Here’s how I made it:
I cut a rectangle of cotton linen that I thought would fit my table – totally eyeballed it.
Brought it to the big scary sewing machine – wwoooooohahaha
decor, thrift 024
Hemmed the long sides
decor, thrift 017
Cut two strips of fabric about 1 1/2 times the length of the short sides of the runner (the ends)
Folded them in half the long way & pressed
decor, thrift 018Basted the open side with long stitches & pulled the threads to make the ruffle
Pinned the right sides of the runner & the ruffle together
decor, thrift 019
This next one is an important step in the creative process --
Yell at the sewing machine when thread gets stuck & wadded into a big messy ball (not quite the look I was going for) so just cut the mess off & proceeded – what’s the phrase?…
Keep Calm & Carry On!
ok sorry for that little diversion but remember I’m just putting this together as I go along (I don’t actually know what I’m doing! For all you real seamstresses out there – close your eyes!) --
Stitched the ruffle to the runner ends
decor, thrift 023
Yippeee!! I did it!
decor, thrift 020 And I actually LOVE how it looks!
decor, thrift 029
decor, thrift 021 decor, thrift 028
decor, thrift 030
decor, thrift 031
decor, thrift 032 decor, thrift 034
decor, thrift 033
I just adore it – every time I walk by – it just makes me smile & it met my intention of lightening up the room both in color & whimsy!!
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mmmm – making cupcakes

Is there ever a time when a cupcake doesn’t hit the spot?






decor, thrift 008

And the kids ALWAYS have so much fun decorating them!

Started of with plain old chocolate cupcakes (which are good all on their own!)

decor, thrift 001

but then…

add white butter cream frosting…yum!

decor, thrift 003 decor, thrift 004

and have the kids decorate to their hearts desire with --

mini marshmallows

mini chocolate chips


andes mints


peanut butter chips

we got some pretty cool designs!

 decor, thrift 005

decor, thrift 006 decor, thrift 007

and the end result? 

Eaten up quickly when friends came over to play in the snow…cocoa & cupcakes – anything better?  I had to save ONE for dad to see when he got home from work as proof!

Enjoy your day!

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Making Contact with Chalkboard Platters

So I really like the idea of unusual chalkboards

decor 021


I had these platters - dontcha just love the scalloped edge of this square platter? {Snagged this one at the good old goodwill!}

decor 012

I knew I’d like to try to use it as a chalkboard…


I like the platters & didn’t know that I’d ALWAYS want them to be

(new word – like that?)

So I decided to do a temporary chalkboard addition.

Here’s how I did it:

1. I took CLEAR contact paper (from Target)

2. Spray painted it with a couple coats of chalkboard paint

3. Created a template out of newspaper the size of the inner portion of the platter

decor 010

4. Traced the template on the back of the spray painted contact paper

decor 011

5. Cut it out, removed the backing & placed on the platter.

decor 013

decor 022

When I’m done with my chalkboard phase – I’ll still have my lovely platter – just peel & toss!

decor 023

inspiration a la Pottery Barn:

and I just love, love this image!

cottage living magazine

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Got some aches?

Got some pains?

Got friends or relatives with aches and pains?  (No I'm not asking if your relatives ARE aches and pains!)

Whip up a little something to share and add some comfort to the healing.

decor 015
I took a new sock and cut off the ends, turned inside out and sewed one of the ends closed.

Then flipped right side out.

decor 005

I mixed several cups of uncooked rice (not instant rice!) with a couple opened chamomile tea bags.

decor 002 
decor 003 
decor 004

Added the rice to sock and then sewed the other end closed.

decor 008

I then took a strip of leftover fabric cut to the size that would fit over the sock. Make a little hem for where the opening will be and sew down for the finished opening.

decor 006 

decor 007 

Fold the bag in half the long way and right sides together, sew the bottom and long side closed to make a little bag.

Slip the rice filled bag into this fabric bag and close with a coordinating ribbon (make sure there is no metal on the ribbon).

decor 017
decor 019

Add a little gift tag noting that they can heat in the microwave for approx 30 secs (I do it more for 45 seconds cuz I like it HOT) to soothe aching muscles.


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Ice Luminary

A welcome sight on a cold winter’s night on the front porch -
winter 2010, decor, anna dance 046 winter 2010, decor, anna dance 047

You can make an ice lantern or ice luminary & set it out on the front porch or your front step or driveway.
Adds some sparkle to the bleak cold winter!
Day 1
  • Start off by filling the bottom of a plastic container with water a couple inches high – this will be the bottom of the luminary
  • Set it outside & let it freeze solid
Day 2
  • Add an inner bucket (which when complete will be the place you hold your candle in) – here I’ve used a pitcher (which I wouldn’t use again because it was hard to get the handle out of the frozen ice block!)
  • Add water in between the two containers to form the walls of the luminary
  • Fill the inner bucket with rocks or other heavy objects to hold it down in the center of the outer bucket (I had to use a log because all of my rocks are covered by 3 feet of snow! I’ll reserve special luminary rocks for next year & have them ready before winter sets in)
  • Freeze solid
Day 3
  • Take out your rocks/logs, etc. & fill the inner container with hot water to remove the inner bucket
  • Dunk your whole container in hot water to loosen the luminary from the outer bucket
winter 2010, decor, anna dance 045
You can make them all sizes & line them up or even add greenery, etc when you add the water to make the side walls
a little candlelight on the windowsill -
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