Seeing Red

I look around the house and I see pops of red
all - over  - the - place!
It wasn’t necessarily intentional – it kind of crept up on me!
I do savor the color red here & there but I’m also so drawn to the classics of a creamy white & black.  I certainly find myself being more selective the the color purchases I make – they have to FIT in – somehow.
Put it all together and this is what you get around here:
 049 002 003 006 008 011 012 013 014 015 018 020 021 022 023 025 029 030 032 038 043

Are ya with me ??  Check out these reds in the gorgeous photos below…sigh…though I live in the midwest I adore that lobster sign

adirondack - bhg
garden-front-door-boots unknown source  bread box - unknown Chat soon -
source -- country living (1,2), bhg (3), remaining unknown from my old inspiration file

Fresh Starts

Hello Dearies –
Ahhhhh – the crispness of white(or the calm of off-white) mixed with green.  I’m feeling utterly inspired by the new-ness of spring descending on us here. 
Watching the snow melt & the land re-emerge feels like a we’ve been on a ship for a long voyage & am seeing a beautiful island on the horizon.  Land Ho!!
The muck & the mud will soon be replaced with fresh, ripe, green grass & daffodils.  I’m positively giddy!
It’s such an opportunity to start fresh, to assess how & why we do things the way we do.
Has anyone else’s spring cleaning & spring nesting kicked in?
For me -- Seeing the fresh start outside is just a chance to breathe easy & feel the peace & serenity.  Living in a northern cottage – we are generally surrounded by snow for – oh let’s say – 9 months out of the year (ok maybe that a bit of an exaggeration – but not too much!)  But when the snow starts to disappear – ahhh the beauty of it.  Seriously calms me down & help me appreciate the simple blessings. 
The kids are outside right now wearing rainboots (& shorts!!)  last week we were wearing snowpants & now shorts!  Amazing – simply amazing.
Here are some snipets of freshness from around here:
decor, thrift 028 decor, thrift 038winter 2010, decor, anna dance 012 winter 2010, decor, anna dance 020
bird cake plate - mine
DSC01530 - junk hutch display - mine 
though my home does not CURRENTLY look like these ones below….it is wonderful inspiration nonetheless.  isn’t this one below just dreamy?

country living
I am infatuated with this sink – uh oh hubby might be in trouble sooner than later – we’ll see….
farm sink cl
country living
white kitchen hutch - cl
country living

country living

house beautiful
I sooo want to make a pillow like this!  Does anyone know of a similar tutorial out on blogland  (this was in my inspiration folder so source unknown – drat!).
ruffle pillow unknown
Chat soon -

Cleaning the Kitchen Sink

Not the most enjoyable thing TO DO but it is so nice to walk by a clean kitchen with a spotless sink…serious satisfaction.  Wow I must be old if that is a great part of my day. 

ah well – simple pleasures – we have to take what we can get!

Here is how I clean my kitchen sink & just love the results while it lasts:

1. Fill the kitchen sink with HOT water. 

I just do one side of the sink at a time so I have the other side free if needed.


2. Add a cup or so of bleach


3. Let sit for an hour (or three if you get sidetracked with other stuff!)

4. Empty & do any little bit of wiping you might see as needed


5. Wipe dry

6. If possible, I keep it wiped as much as I can & it really limits the water droplet stains, buildup, etc.


ooooohhh sparkly!

One spot of shinyness to enjoy through the day….ah now if only everything else could be picked up, put away, organized, cleared, scrubbed & taken care of with just a few steps like this!!!

Someday I’d adore having an apron farmhouse sink like this – someday!

farm sink cl country living

One thing @ a time!

Chat soon -


Metal Love

What is it about metal that I ADORE so much?

This time of year I get a hankering for storage containers & containing the remaining clutter that is part of everyday life with a home & family.

But who says it has to be boring?

Who hasn’t seen a million of these crates over the years…but hung on the wall for storage – that is seriously stunning!

And how great is the put-together metal hutch?  Do you think this was built to go together or just happened (delightfully) to fit together? 

What a perfect marriage between that metal table (check out the attached stool) & the bookcase hutch.  ahhhhh

This kitchen would give you a spring in your step each morning (hardy har har)

spring stools cottage kitchen hb

this one makes me want to go grocery shopping (& then swimming in a junior high swimming pool – the lockers conjure that image for me I think!)  Love it.

 grocery locker basket - cl

This laundry room is from Sarah Richardson (a little more sleek & modern than I’d normally be drawn too but I think it is just lovely)

laundry-room-sarah richardson

Mix of those metal chair with the rustic table – yummy!

 metal chairs dining-area-sunshine-1109-cl

Very springy & lovely

 metal stool

Glass of wine anyone?

metal tote cl

The images above have been in my inspiration file for some time & I’m not positive where each one is from but I’m sure some from bhg, diy ideas, country living, house beautiful, etc.

Watch out summer – here I come!! And I’m going to fill up on metal usage!!  Can’t wait!!  Doesn’t the image below just look dreamy – (this one is from my front porch last summer)?  Ahhh


Chat soon -