Wedding Gift – Breakfast Tray

Is there much that is better than breakfast in bed….doesn’t that just sound romantic?

I thought something along those lines would make a nice wedding present.

My sister-in-law just got married this past weekend. It was THE most beautiful wedding ever. Very classic and yet fun – just like the couple!

For their gift, I got a tray from our fav spot – Target, of course.

This tray also had built in picture spots so thought I’d be able to do something personalized for them..…

Got a bunch pictures of cool numbers for their wedding date:

8 – 28 – 10

printed them out, and placed them in the frame spots.

home 001 home 002 home 004

Then gathered the makings for breakfast in bed….pancake mix, a griddle, different gourmet syrups, spatula, whisk ,etc.

We got to bring home some of the flowers from the table settings as well….enjoying these at home for the last couple days. Ahhhhh!

home 049

Enjoy these last fleeting days of summer.

School starts for my kiddos tomorrow so we’re off to have a last fun filled day.

Chat soon -


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Garden Chairs

I keep coming back to red in my decorating….not all red (of course)

But hits of it are able to…in just one twist both soothes and invigorates me.

home 022 home 048 home 057

looks here is more evidence – even my utensils are black, white or guess what else – yep – red! home 064

Here are some versions from my inspiration file (eek - sorry I didn’t keep track of where I’d found them all!) but thought you’d enjoy as well.

deck bhgThis one below with the two metal chairs looks kinda familiar – yum.

red metal chairs houzz

This one is just plain lovely.  Everything about it screams summer relaxation!


See what I mean about soothing and invigorating…?


Chat soon lovies -


Front Porch

I adore having a front porch….it is a sheltered place to enjoy cup of coffee in the morning,  feel the warmth of the sun setting in the evening.
It is also a sheltered place where many of my container pots are thriving!
I so enjoy my work space at my potting bench.  And…bonus…it gives me some display space as well.  It’s the little details that you catch at a glace the gives me the little joys.
home 014
My morning glory earlier in the summer…
home 013
And now as they are draping all over the place – lush and full!
 home 081
Gotta have my coke crates spread around!  
  home 018 Another morning glory -
home 020 home 021
I’ve fallen in love with these metal chairs…they started off a chippy rusty white {which sounds delightful doesn’t it?}
But sitting on them might have required a tetanus shot so I scraped, sanded and painted to this fresh pop of red!
home 022 home 023
 home 015
home 053
home 032
home 033ahhh…
home 034
home 036 home 041
I planted this lazy susan vine in a galvanized bucket & popped it out by the kids swingset and it is going to town….love it every time I walk by! home 044 home 045
I planted tomatoes for the first time!   Of course I had to pop them into the huge galvanized tub and they are flourishing…soon I’ll be overflowing in tomatoes!  Having them up on the deck makes for easy access to water and also keeps slugs etc away.
home 046 home 069
home 047
home 048
home 068
home 049     home 070 Threw some succulents into this vintage cheese box  - aren’t they cute alongside the little garden chair and baby screen door?
home 072 home 073
home 048
home 075
Busy summer but trying to remember to enjoy the moments!
Chat soon -