Help Blogger Spacing Issues

Hi y'all -

I need your help!

I write and publish my posts via Live Writer
and they publish fine.

But....I have a little problem....

Whenever I need to edit a posting (say to add a party link up, etc.) and then RE-publish in blogger, it has (for the last couple weeks) been adjusting the spacing
from double space to single space.

Anyone have ideas WHY this is happening or HOW TO FIX it?

It is sooooo annoying and I'm sure hard to read. 
We don't want that, now do we?

Any advice you can give would be most helpful!

Chat soon  -

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  1. Are you editing in Blogger, or in Live Writer? I write all my posts in LW, but sometimes when I edit I just pull it up in Blogger and it always comes up single spaced. I just go back through and add the spaces, but it's a pain.
    I only do that when I'm not thinking, because if you edit in LW, it will not be a problem. It takes a few seconds for it to pull the already- published post from the blog, but if I do it that way it's always got the spacing I gave it.


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