Mercantile Signage

I wanted to add a bit of signage near our pantry….
not because we couldn’t find the food in the pantry
but just for pretty
Here is the sign I used:
home 011
I started off by spraying it cream for a new background
and then
printing out the word MERCANTILE (just from word)
in outline (so as not to waste ink on the fill within each letter)
home 042 - CopyI
Put that on the dried painted board and used a ballpoint pen to transfer the outline of the letters
home 043 - Copy
Filled in the letters with black paint
home 044 - Copy  home 046 - Copy
and then – the scary but wonderful part (all that painting work – you don’t want it ruined)
home 047
scruffed it up by sanding lightly across the whole thing
 home 048
Hang outside the pantry and enjoy
home 049 home 050
Chat soon -

linking to:  Beyond the Picket Fence


  1. Just a little "pretty" is ALWAYS nice. Like your sign a lot. Thanks for visiting at Buttermilk Cottage today. Please come back often.

  2. Lovely job! You did a great job on this!


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