New {Northern Cottage}

I’ve been PLAYING with blogger set up…changing things here and there and everywhere.
      • New background
      • New colors
      • New Layout

With the fresh start all around us….I thought I’d take the chance to fill you in a little more about me and my little old HOMESTEAD

Who I am: {Northern Cottage}
Where I live: 

Though I was born in California  - I am a Midwestern girl through and through.  I live in the Northern Cottage with my little family.

In the interest of privacy – up to this point, you may have noticed that I’ve not included our names, a full on view of our house, or pictures with our faces on the blog.  The idea of it kinda freaks me out - to display my kids and our FULL nest for ANYONE to see.  If it were just me – I think I’d share more but with the kiddos – I want to preserve some of our bubble.  I don’t want to hold back everything….I want to open more and more as time goes forward but for now – this is what I’m comfortable with.

What I love about our home: 

I actually LIKE that not everything is perfect…that we ALWAYS have a project in the works, things to improve, tinker with, adjust, re-do.  We are diy’ers for sure.  I love that we do these projects TOGETHER.  All of us are out there together cutting, carrying, cleaning up – together.

We will always have something to do to make our nest more OURS.
    • I love that it is ours to settle into at the end of a long day.
    • I love that when we come home from a trip – the kids say ‘Isn’t it GREAT to be HOME??

My favorite room is: Kitchen/Great Room because it is  truly the heart of the home…
  • it is where we make dinner (& lunch and breakfast and everything in between).
  • Put up our feet on the coffee table
  • It is where we keep warm by the fire
  • AND….It is where I do most of my displaying of treasured JUNK

My favorite thing to do DIY-wise is: Paint because it fits the budget and has instant transforming effects.  It is nearly instant gratification and if you don’t like it – it’s easy to fix and pick a different color.  Though I would say I’m less of an overall big huge project girl and more of a putting things together uniquely.

Current Decorating Style: 

I love Modern Country
  cl little aqua chair
country living
kitchen island bhg
chalkboard room sl
southern living
entry bhg

tub bhg
kitchen workstation bhg   bhg
coffee baskets
      lockers pb pottery barn
Northwoods Cabin

front garden cottage living

cottage living

Vintage Cottage

Aqua sink Canadianfamily

canadian family

front porch bhg


Industrial  Chic
trolley bhg

corrugated steel island

I love ALL of these separate yet equally beautiful looks. 
So the {Northern Cottage} is a mixture of all these loves…bit and pieces of each here and there….on a budget, of course!

Why I love to blog:
This is an outlet for me….a peek at who I am and what I do!  It also MAKES me do stuff – jump out of my comfort zone, helps keep me on track with my very full to-do list.  It is a way for my creativity to get out there and evolve.  And it’s just plain fun!

The readers and commenters and followers make it fun.  My google reader is, many times, overflowing with all that I’d like to keep up on with the wonderful blogs out there!  I keep finding more and more and more that I love.

So that is me…

Chat soon -


  1. Oooh, yes! I love those styles too....espcially Modern Country. Ha! No surprise there!

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