Numbered Shelf – PB Inspired

ok…we’ve all seen and drooled over it, right?
THE cubby
but of course it’s from PB and costs
millions and millions of dollars.
{ok – so NOT REALLY that high of a price tag but well beyond my budget, I’m afraid!}
So what’s a frugal cottage girl to do?
Make one that fits the style and wallet bill.  Here’s what I came up with:
home 007
Good old goodwill delivered up a plain jane crate and put distress ink pad over it and then I painted an oval shape for the background to each compartment

home 005
home 003
and added scrapbook number stickers.
home 004
 home 006
  home 008
I’m lovin the little spots already and the top is a great extra place to put craft junk display space as well!

home 009
Right now the top is holding vintage levels and measuring sticks…mmmm
home 010
 home 011
Not bad for $1 – yep one little buckaroo!
If I had a big fat wallet --- mmmm I like these white ones too:
pb big white cubby
And if only I could make these instantly appear here in my cottage…now THAT would be a good trick!
lockers pb 
pottery barn
and I also want a trolley coffee table…mmmmm that cubby in the background is divine, isn’t it?
trolley bhg 


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  1. cubbies are fun aren't they? Like 'em all!

  2. Love it, love it, love it! Alyssa of Boston Bee

  3. I love your version. Looks like you found the perfect spot to display it too! Great job.

  4. Okay, I don't know why, but I have not seen that PB item. However, you are correct, it's awesome! You did a great job recreating it!
    I was at Salvation Army the other day and there was a typsetters' drawer like the one that is on the wall in the photo of the trolley (but much smaller) for only $2, and I passed it up!! Now I'm kicking myself.

    Thanks for joining my party!

  5. That is awesome...and for only $1!! The cubby in that last picture is great....I want one!

  6. This is great and at $1 truly unbelievable. Holly I have added the link to PB verison of this

    I love this Numbered Inspired Shelf. I just recently started a Forum called and just linked to your PB inspired design because of your awsomeness :)


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