Storage Galore

  • Cabinets ---- check
  • Drawers ----- check
  • Bins -----check
  • Baskets ----- check

We all have cabinets and drawers and bins and baskets that we store our junk (not necessarily the good kind of junk!) so let’s say….treasures in…right?

The key for storage here at the {NC} is
HOW we use and DISPLAY them

Here are some snippets of storage here at the {Northern Cottage}:

home 051         

In the Kitchen

A big
old enamelware pot to hold the utensils

home 064

Look inside ---I actually have another little crock inside (it keeps the utensils from sliding down and keeps them in their place)

home 060

Here are some baskets in these tailor made shelves next to the fridge to hold baking items, soaps, etc.

home 071
home 072
notice I have my few lonely cookbooks on the bottom shelf (I find myself cooking more from web or blog recipes now – don’t you?)

Vintage Bread Box
home 070

In the Pantry:
I’ve used all kinds of baskets, vintage breadboxes, burlap sacks in the pantry to contain and hide.  Check out the full post here

home 032 - Copy

and just added a new (to me)bulletin board to hold my fresh new 2011 calendar and miscellaneous items 

home 054

Summer pool toy storage:

home 074

Here is one of my new favorite things…..

in the winter I’ve brought this baby in from out of the cold and placed it in the bathroom for extra towel storage:
home 075

In the Living Room

This is another always changing display space next to the fireplace….currently all black and whites.  The shelf was a total accident that fit in this spot perfectly.  The shelf holds bins for extra firewood, fire making  supplies.  and as it is near our back patio door, in the summer it holds sunscreen, pool supplies etc. Read more about the shelf here.

home 052

Below are my junk display shelves…even though it’s somewhat cluttery – it makes me smile whenever I pass by.  It’s contained junkyness!

home 076 

Boxes and crates holding photos:
home 078
home 080

In the Laundry Room
I’ve put a shelf on top of my dryer to house extra dryer sheets, buttons, cleaning wipes, etc.  Plus it hides the dryer vent too!

In front of the shelf is a tray to contain the detergent, bleach, and other daily laundry items.  I LOVE to use trays to ‘contain’ the stray elements.

 home 051 

In this cabinet near our ENTRYWAY AND DINING table -  we keep all of our school supplies (notebooks, glue, markers, etc.)

The top is an ever-changing as display space.
home 054 s
Related to homework - here we have our tabletop homework central…pencils, extra paper, homework reminder sheets, etc.  Usually this lands on the dining room table but because it is in a tray, we can whisk it off in time for dinner.

home 026

Near our garage entry – I have some shelves with locker baskets to hold winter mittens, scarves and hats…these are GREAT for this use as the stuff dries much more quickly after frolicking outside in the snow.
home 073 home 074

In the Office
I use vintage muffin trays to house paperclips, rubber bands, etc.
home 018

In the Family Room / Craft area:

My favorite new thing:  I just recently bought these flour sack towels and safety-pinned them around a tension rod like a little curtain to hide the chaos of that portion of the shelf
(These Bookcases hold dvds, old magazines, etc.) 
 home 065
home 066 home 067

Here we have a HUGE basket that houses extra blankets to snuggle up with during family movie night.
home 077

Another muffin tray in use to hold office supplies such as stamps, brads, etc.
home 026

Here I’ve got my vintage cheese box/crate shelf.  This holds all kinds of craft items currently (stamps, ink pads, scissors, binders, etc.) See the full post here.
home 037

Here we also have lots of baskets, etc. that hold fabric, sewing supplies, etc. (I’d like to dig into these more later this winter!)
home 064


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  1. OH MY GOODNESS. I am in love with your house. When can I move in? I love all your vintage storage! It's exactly what I want for my house! Great finds, great way to put them all together--I just love it all! :)

    Did you enter my "our nest" sign giveaway? I hope you can!

  2. The cheese box/crate of my favorites ever! Love it all really.

  3. I love all the wonderful vintage peices you've used for storage! They are useful but still look great!

  4. Love the cheese crates too! Wonderful finds and creative uses!

  5. the vintage charm you've added through organizing! Great ideas! I have an old basket begging for numbers. Love all you do!

    Have a great weekend! ;D

  6. What great storage ideas. I need to borrow some of these. Thanks so much for sharing.

  7. Wow! You have so many amazing storage ideas! I love all your wire baskets, crates, burlap sacks and especially the cheese box shelf!

    Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving me a nice comment:) I am your newest follower.

  8. Fabulous ideas! I just love the little lamps in the laundry and kitchen.

  9. I'm totally on creative overload at this point! What caught my eye was that towel storage. Oh gosh how I love the simplicity and vintage quality to that one! And the locker basket things... jittery! Must go create!!!! :)


  10. I love all your storage. I love you re-use of industrial items. Gorgeous!


  11. I love all of your wonderful finds!! What lovely details all around your home. It makes it so warm and inviting. And brilliant idea to double the bowls with kitchen utensils. My canister is currently a little on the overstuffed side.

  12. Look at all the fun "junk"...LOVE it all. can't pick a favorite, but that cheese box shelf junping out at me...I'll have to go peek at your link :) Have a great week, Laurel@chippingwithcharm

  13. Oh my gosh! I just love all your storge ideas! So individual, makes such a nice change to plastic boxes

  14. Sigh! Can I come live with you? You have everything so beautifully set up. I love that towel holder. Double sigh, why can't my house look like this?!


  15. Visiting from Cottage Instincts. I LOVE your home! What fabulous storage ideas you have! I followed every link, and loved every post! Thanks for the inspiration.

  16. I think I've looked at all your pictures at least 4 times. I would name everything I love but that would be everything. The wire locker baskets are gorgeous. All your storage ideas are amazing. Thanks for linking to We're Organized Wednesday.

  17. very cool! i love all your vintage treasures!

  18. wow.. there was a lot there! First off... your vintage muffin pans I think have currently sitting (and used freq) in my cabinet. lol
    Loved the wash tub you used for toys.. but liked it much better inside with your towels. Wish I had the space for that in my bathroom.
    I found you from Domestically Speaking. i would love it if you would link this up to my Organizing Mission MOnday link party! I keep it open until Sat. nights.

  19. Wow! This is chock full of GREAT IDEAS and tips for staying organized. WE live in a small Cape Cod style home and I'm always looking for creative storage, so thanks! LOVE that tray with the homework supplies. what a good idea.

  20. Wow! This is so my style. I could just jump into these pictures, they are so inviting. I love so many of these ideas but I really love your use of lamps in unexpected places. This gives it such a warm feeling.Thanks for sharing!:)

  21. Love, love, love all your ideas!! I'm reorganizing my home right now, and this is perfect for what i am wanting to do. thank you so much for sharing...

  22. i thnk my favorite is the cheese crates and the storage you made out of them....i love the vintage look!!!

    hugs, cindy

  23. I value you taking the time to publish this publish. It is really helpful to me in fact. Appreciate it.

  24. I can't tell you just how much I LOVE ALL your storage. You and I share the same affection for good junk :-) I miss you girly and hope you had a wonderful holiday
    {HUGS} ~ Deanna

  25. So beautiful great ideas for displaying and using vintage items, hopefully it will inspire me!

  26. I just love your space. You have such a great style. I need to take a class or something. ;)


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