I picked up this tin tile at a local antique place for just a couple bucks and have been placing it all over the house
it adds a light creamy touch wherever I place it.
For now – I have it covering the big black hole of the fireplace box…it amazingly lightens up that end of the room so well. 
Love it!
home 049
I made some magnets out of scrabble tiles.
home 050 

home 040
Such a simple nice touch to this corner of the cottage
home 051
As winter is STILL in full force here
we continue with some winter crafts.
We’ve made lots of snowflakes but cottaged them up a bit by starting out with natural (rather than stark white) coffee filters:
home 004
Fold the filter in half
home 006
fold in half again
home 007
then take that in fold it in thirds (almost like baby bunting?)
home 008
see how the section on the left goes over the right?
home 009 home 010 home 011 
and then cut to your liking
just play!
home 013 
home 003 
this one was made by my little peanut girl:
home 005 home 015
Cozy winter!
Chat soon -
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  1. I love making snowflakes! Last year for my son's winter party we made snowflakes from coffee filters then dripped food coloring on them to make them look tie dyed!

  2. I framed a tin tile from the 200 year old church that I was married in. It hangs in our living room.

  3. That looks awesome! I love the the snowflake a magnet, too? We have a Scrabble game we never use---I need to make those magnets, they are so dang cute!

  4. Love the little Scrabble magnets and snowflakes! Darling idea! I just bought two Scrabble games so I'd love to try these magnets!


  5. Those are too cute! Love the scrabble magnets!

  6. Cute! You could even hang the tin tile in a front window and have a message on it for your guests.

  7. I love the scrabble magnets! So cute!

  8. Great magnets! Thanks so much for linking up!

  9. This is such a great idea to use magnet scrabble tiles with you vintage tin tile! I love this!

  10. The magnetic tiles are a great idea! I have some tiles just waiting to be used :) thanks for sharing!

  11. Wow what a great idea to make magnets from scrabble tiles.They would make great little gifts! I also absolutely love the tin tile. It is so pretty.

  12. I love the simplicity of this! Great idea. I would love to have you come and link up to Fantastic Friday at

  13. This is simply adorable! I love the scrabble tiles - super cute! Hope you are enjoying your weekend ~ Stephanie Lynn

  14. I love your old tin. Very cute. I should be on the lookout for some this year. And the scrabble tiles are perfect to add a fun message!

  15. Thank you for your kind comments! I love those scrabble tile magnets. Did you use button magnets or the stick on strip kind? (I am trying to find new magnets for my old license plates.)

  16. Love this idea! It turned out great. I'm going to have to try the scrabble magnets on something soon!

    Thank you for your kind comment on my blog!

  17. Super cute! Every time I go to the thrift store I look for scrabble luck yet.

  18. I love the metal tile! And it was such a smart idea to make the scrabble tiles magnets! You can change out the saying for different holidays:)

  19. We are big Scrabble fans at our house. I even horde the used games at thrift stores. One day I am going to make something from those tiles!

  20. I love Scrabble tile projects! This one is so cute! I recently organized our board games and after making sure there was one complete set for each Scrabble and Super Scrabble, I took all of the extra tiles and put them in my craft room. I can't wait to start crafting with them. Thanks for sharing.


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