Kitchen Organizing


I must be getting

cabin fever

as I am on a clearing, purging, organizing spree as of late.

I’ve been clearing out cupboards

LIKE the dreaded Tupperware cupboard:

home 015 


clear cupboards

do you see up there – popsicle makers front and center!
I don’t make popsicles in february
so why is that taking up prime real estate?


home 017


home 018

cleared out – whew -  wouldn’t it be lovely to have it be this neat all the time but then you wouldn’t have any tupperware, I guess!  just empty cupboards…just seeing it empty is satisfying
(in some weird way!)

home 016

one of the best tricks I’ve found is to put all the lids in one container (along with the little tiny containers so they are all in one spot and it is
super easy
to match the lid to the container this way!)

home 020

main containers stacked by shape
rounds inside rounds, squares together etc.

home 021

all put back neatly!

home 027

my torn out recipe binder/bin – oye

I have to do something about this!

home 028



I’ve loved the process of clearing counters

home 091

home 083

home 084

home 088 

our cocoa station is still in full use after playing outside in the HUGE snowbanks!

home 090 

clearing the ‘mudroom’ back entry hooks feels lovely too!

this won’t be like this for long!

little people with hats and mittens and snowpants and scarves will be settling in at home after a long day at school shortly and filling this area right back up!

home 099

I also made a kitchen binder that houses MUCH of the stuff that used to clutter up the fridge

 home 060 

home 061

home 030

home 059

home 062  

          Off for more organizing!  I can’t wait for real live

Spring Cleaning!

which will be here before we know it! 

Chat soon -


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  1. FAb! I'm on a bit of a spring clean myself. I hope your tupperware cupboard tidyness lasts. Mine lasts about 2 weeks and then things start getting thrown in again. :-)


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