Little House in the Big Woods

As spring fever is starting to set in, I’m trying to remind myself
to enjoy the moment
A recent post on Houzz got me thinking about how lovely it is to

live in a cozy cottage
in the middle of winter
in the middle of the woods
To me this means surrounding yourself with 

cozy and comfortable and homey
Images below are from that collection
Music Barn traditional kitchen
Timber Tea House eclectic exterior
Cabin in Arizona modern exterior
Private residence traditional bedroom

Aren’t these images lovely?

Makes me want to cozy up in my little cottage here in the woods with a cozy fluffy comforter, some warm slippers and a hot steaming bowl of soup!

Guess what we’re having for dinner?

Here’s my recipe for yummy TACO SOUP.

Chat soon -



  1. i'm not a huge all wood decor fan...but i do like that second photo...looks like a cozy little treehouse.


    stuff and nonsense

  2. thanks for visiting and for your kind comments

    Have a wonderful week.

    Janet xox


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