New Header at the NORTHERN COTTAGE

Ya like my new header collage photo ABOVE?

Seems so much lighter and fresher…

Remember - I’m experiencing a bad case of spring fever up here in the tundra so gotta do what I can to lighten things up.

Due to the lack of ACTUAL REAL LIVE sunlight.

You bloggers who have gardens sprouting and crocuses blooming have me so stinkin jealous!


potting shed bhg


photos bhg

Chat soon -



  1. I love the blog header, particularly the fan. Love them. Isn't that potting shed just perfect?

    Lisa x

  2. This new header is the perfect new spring "do"! I liked your old header too, but it just feels good to change things up once in awhile. Thinking I'm going to update mine soon too!

  3. I LOVE the new header. You're right, very spring-like : ) Great job ~
    Hugs -
    ~ Deanna

  4. I like your new header! I just did a new one today first mosaic.

  5. oh, I really love the red chair. If I had the budget I would buy six of these chairs and have them in my backyard in a circle surrounding a cute round table.
    I am your newest follower! Adore your blog.

  6. Oh, yes, yes, yes I'm loving it. Such a great change. It seems spring is teasing us here too. Last week it was almost 50, yet this weekend we received another 15 inches of snow - Yuck!


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