Lightening Up–THE BEFORES

We have an open (very very open) great room.

Kitchen + Dining + Living + Entry
which is good


bad as well

sometimes it’s hard to photograph and give you sense of the space

For winter – we intentionally try to cozy it up
because it is so cold outside,
we wrap ourselves in
warm, cuddly colors and textures.

home 008

But we are APPROACHING spring (it has definitely NOT arrived here in the tundra yet but it will, it will -
I keep telling myself that!)

home 040


we want to

Lighten It Up

I’ll show you the ‘after’ of this great room space soon but thought I’d first show you our




which includes

dark touches to help us snuggle and cocoon us in

warm brown drapes, touches of black accessories

home 051home 052

warm patina-ed woods and cozy throws

lamps and lanterns and candles here and there
(we USE those in the winter since daylight is something
we don’t get enough of)

home 055



burlap slip cover

home 049


home 053


home 004 (2)

next to our fireplace is a vintage shelf that holds our bins of firewood and fire-making supplies and
is a great little display space too.


home 028

home 057

across from the fireplace we have our stairway up to our family room

and on this side of the living room is our antique buffet (scored at a garage sale for..get this.. $15 buckaroos!) 

It has a great worn green finish
(I may paint it someday but am liking this for now)

home 058home 059

the top of the buffet is another nice display space

home 060


At the kitchen window – we have some neutral window coverings

home 029

home 023

home 083

home 013


where we keep our extra school supplies, etc., handy for homework
at the dining room table

home 067

speaking of the dining room


ugh ya ready?

(I have to say I’m not loving our dining set and am trying to decide whether to paint (black or creamy white?) or move on to something new – haven’t found anything I like yet but I will – I will I just know it!)

on the plus side – it is a cost savings to use what we have for now and it is very sturdy and in great condition

so we’ll see what happens on that front…

in the meantime, I’m TRYING to be content..
I’ve covered it in a quilted table runner in a soothing brown color

home 095home 096

So these are the befores as we head in the spring?

wanna see what I’ve done to

Lighten It Up?

Come on back…I’ll show you soon…

Chat soon -



  1. Great pictures of Winter coziness! Can't wait to see what you do for your afters!

  2. What a gorgeous fireplace! I can imagine your space with the fire going. It looks so cozy! I like your sectional, also. Love warm neutrals mixed with lighter colors. It will be fun to see the changes you make.

    I would scream if I found a buffet like that for $15. I'll double it and give you $!

    Thanks for sharing your home! It's beautiful!

  3. Love your fireplace. What a great focal point. You need to erase that chalkboard that says Let It Snow! Think positive think No more Snow :)

    My best- Diane

  4. Enjoyed the tour and all the warm coziness you have going on throughout. And, as I urge spring to hurry (and yes! My tulips have poked their heads above ground!) I'm looking forward to seeing how you will lighten up all that coziness for spring!

  5. Your space looks so cozy and comfy. I'm excited to see how your tricks for spring decorating.

    p.s. I have the same exact dinning room table. I'm impressed your chairs seem to be all together. Mine started falling apart the second year we had them. One of these day's I'm going to have to figure out how to fix them.

  6. Love all the cute pictures. The green antique buffet is absolutely it!!!

  7. Hello! I wanted to stop by and say "thank you" for visiting my blog. I'm so glad that you did because now I got to visit yours! I love your stone fireplace. And the skirt around your sink is adorable!!


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