Imaginary Garden Party Prep

If I were going to have a garden party tomorrow (not too likely yet since we still have SNOW here!!) I’d want to put some of these items together…

Since we’re pretending now I’m gonna go ALL OUT and


what my perfect garden party setting would look like…

I’d start out by leading my guests through some meandering paths tickling their toes with warm fragrant grass:

garden trellis walls

and lead them to a dining spot set up outside of a beautiful

garden shed like:

garden patio


or maybe like this…(oh yeah this one below I think!)

garden shed hgtv

Of course we’d need some protection from the sun:

I’d set up the dining spot with a chippy farm table


surrounded by some curvy chairs like these:


and of course I’d need this to hold all the accessories nearby



The table setting would have to include all kinds of ‘girl’ food – pretty little sandwiches, iced tea and lemonade and wedges of yummy watermelon.

I’d head to my garden (I wish!) to pick some ripe tomatoes and herbs!


watering cans pb

and serve it up on

all these images from here

Of course there were have to be




ahhhh – so while I await the snow to disappear and the green to come…I’m dreaming of a garden party like this.

Wanna come?

Chat soon -

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P.S. I’m totally planning on winning the $500 spree as outlined here.  I’ve been shopping in my dreams already!


  1. I would LOVE to come to a garden party that you host!! What beautiful pictures, I really love the farmhouse table and chairs, maybe that's because I have the same exact ones in my kitchen:)Martina

  2. I'm SO there! My current home has hardly any yard so I'm constantly daydreaming about these landscapes.

  3. Such great inspiration! I will be sure to check here when I start decorating my apartment!



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