Thrifty Finds

We had a wonderful adventure this past weekend involving a little road trip, good food, good company and some great thrifty shopping. 

What could be better, right?

We got to visit this little shop and see all of this:

home 113home 114home 115home 116home 117home 118home 119

home 120home 121

a Junker's haven!

At this same shop, we found some very

fancy recipes

in this vintage cookbook

(just look at chef on the cover – we’ve named him Fred
I think he highly recommends that potato salad!)

home 124

within this delightful little book, 
check out the corndogs beautifully displayed poked into a head of lettuce:

home 122

and the beanie weanie surprise 
{of course - in pinwheel formation}

home 123

we were rolling with laughter in the aisle!

Like I said…very, very fancy

other delightful images:

home 125home 126home 127home 129

this is MY kinda store!


we also did some wonderful garage sale-ing

some of the goodies I snagged and have plans for:

home 035home 084

home 085home 086home 087

home 089

admired some of the cottages and sprouting gardens along the
garage sale path as we strolled:

home 133home 134

Love this path:

home 135home 136

Have a great rest of your week!

Chat soon –

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  1. I love the locker baskets and all the small junk items. Fantastic!

  2. such lovely photos,,I love wicker,,its always a joy to come and see whats new here,,

  3. What fun! That place looks like heaven!

    I have quite a few of my mom's old Better Homes and Gardens cookbooks... they are pretty entertaining and I love the old pictures!


  4. I love those kind of trips and that is one cool store!
    And the cottage gardens are very pretty!

  5. Wow, so many amazing things! Looks like a great store!!!
    Love all your pictures!

  6. I remember this house! I this is where I got the cement floral thingie. I popped into the back yard (w/ permission)...did you see it? total and complete rock fountain? fabulous.
    xo Jeanne.

  7. what a delightful post and I so want to visit this place!!!!!
    Glad I found your blog!

  8. Thanks for showing all those junkin' goodies. I always have to laugh at those old cookbooks and the pictures they show. What were they thinking?? Looks like you had a great weekend! Ann

  9. Oh cute indeed!

    Thank you for taking me along and for linking up!

  10. I like the locker baskets and that big bin of old pool and crochet balls. I'm imagining what I would do with them.


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