Lots of little home projects

We’ve been feathering our

home 059

we installed one of these

rain barrels

home 010

and we installed a french drain

instead of the gutters releasing all the rainwater onto our yard, it is now diverted to the back of our property

(this involved a very long trench that we’ve now backfilled and replanted grass seed)

home 011

and I’ve also been weeding and fluffing in the garden beds

home 012

the deer have eaten a lot of my hostas (this makes me sad!)

home 013

so all these little projects have determined that we haven’t been relaxing in these lately -

home 009

but we have enjoyed the fruits of our labor a little bit…

I adored the lilacs when they were in bloom

home 023home 024

Aren’t these just yummy?

home 025home 028

home 003home 009

Chat soon -

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  1. Deer do not like Mums, plants some where needed they will stay away :)

  2. What a shame about the deer. But your lilacs are stunning and I love them cut and in a vase. Just beautiful!


  3. Awesome photos! Thank you for the wonderful compliment on my kitchen. I am so happy to say I am your newest follower. I would love it if you would follow me back.

    House Envy* is hosting its first ever “Blog Envy Party”! Come on over to www.envyhouse.blogspot.com!

  4. Absolutely love your lilacs. They are my favorite flower! Congrats on getting so much done around your house. I wish I could say the same, but at least I'm getting some crafty projects done. :)

  5. Your lilacs are gorgeous!!


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